A1c went up on the Pod. :(

We're just back from my son's endo. appointment. Well, his A1c went up to 6.9 from 6.4 after his first 4 weeks on the Pod. She said not to worry since the first couple of months are an adjustment period. Did anyone else have an increase in A1c after starting on the Omnipod?

It happens a lot. I haven’t had my first post-pod Endo appointment yet.

My A1C went up 1%. The problem is the PDM glucose meter, not the OmniPod.

A1C Surprise

It’s definitely an adjustment period. I would stick with it and not get discouraged! Once you really learn it it’s worth it.

Yeah, without any other information on your situation, I would concur with Helmut. The Omnipod BG meter reads consistently lower than any of my other meters as confirmed through numerous comparisions to control solutions and lab readings. As soon as I stopped using it, I saw much more consistent, and lower, A1cs.

I have only been on the Pod for a few weeks and discovered early on that my BG readings were some 20-40 pts lower using the Freestyle meter. I thought the readings on my 'old' meter were just 'off' and didn't use it anymore. This is interesting as I am 'freaking out' about just receiving Freestyle 'lite' strings from my provider and can't use them. I verified with my Endo b/4 ordering, verified order was correctly submitted, and confirmed that the shipment for the correct strips was enroute: yesterday the 'lite' strips arrived. ONE SOURCE ( my supplier) can't do anything until next week. UGH! At least I can fall back on my old meter and strips and may be ahead of the game. :(

It is well known that those who switch from multiple daily injections to the pump tend to gain weight. Why -- snack means just a push of a button. The burden of T1 is decreased, we can have more normal life. It take a bit to adjust, don't worry.

BTW - WOW! I am very impressed by your son's the A1C levels! I can only imagine how difficult it is to get here. It has to be the effect of whole family commitment. As the adult endo I struggle with the peds endo approach that for kids A1C goal should be more relaxed and A1C of 9-10 is just fine. I was diagnosed right after graduating from med school, but I know just one endocrinologist who was diagnosed as a child. I asked him if he ever run this high and he said that his mom was very diligent regarding bs levels and his A1C was never > 8. I think nowadays, will all those gadgets we should not accept mediocre. Of course there are situations when better control is not safe, but this should be an exception not a rule. Thank you for proving that it can be done! I am so fed up with doctors telling families that it is OK when their son has A1C 9!

The fix is easy for those who want to. Keep using the Omnipod BG meter and adjust your control points lower. If you feel your A1C is 1% higher, then if your lowest point on your PDM is 70, adjust it to 69. Basically 1% lower. So if you range is 70 to 180, adjust to 69 and 178. Problem fixed. Of course don't do a thing without discussing it with your Endo.

All I'm saying is don't let T1 diabetes control you. You control it.

I lost weight. I didn’t need to snack mid-morning & mid-afternoon. In the UK, there has to be a clinical reason for the NHS to fund a pump. I got mine because of the hypos & needing to be able to reduce my basal at times. We generally get more training & support with our pumps than Americans do & no co-pay!

So which meter do you think is the most accurate?

Confused. ??? I like using less blood, but that is a big difference.

the standard for meters is 30% difference - this is within. This is why improving accuracy of the measuring devices is the first step in talking about closed loop!

What meter was used for Dexcom calibration? If OneTouch - the accuracy would be actually impressive.

It has been cussed and discussed on this site many times. My A1C went from a comfortable low 6's to over 7 with the lite strips. Reset the calibration to 18 from 16 and now the readings agree with my one touch. Really no need to not use the lite strips just recalibrate with your other meter. Last A1C was 6.3 witch (sp)is close enough for me. One thing don't push the littles too low. My oldest daughter was diagnosed at four she had one episode of low to the point of unconscious turned epileptic at five and we buried her at six. No place any parent wants to be. Let them grow up there will be ample time to get there A1C in line. Just my opinion.

I used the Omnipod to calibrate the Dexcom.

The best way to shed light on this issue is with a control solution test.

Of the meters I have used, according to comparisons to lab results anyway, my Accucheck Aviva has never been more than 10 points to either side of the lab standard. Usually it's within 5 points.

His A1c was 13 when diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago. By the 5th month after dx he was below 9 and has never been above 8 after that. HE does a great job at the age of 14 and understands why it is so important to maintain good numbers. Does he occasionally eat a big meal with friends and have high numbers, yes ... but, he corrects and brings that number down as soon as he can. I am very proud of him and hope through this trying age (teen years) he continues this way.

We should ALL do this and post a pic! We did it and our AccuCheck Aviva was 156, our AccuCheck Nano was 161 and the PDM was reading 132. :/ Not sure if I can talk my son into doing it again though! lol

Michael, I am so sorry for your loss. I think that is any parent's worst fear! Do you have another child with Type 1? My son is 14 and we have a CGM so we now feel a little more comfortable letting him (OK, trying to let him) run a little lower. Plus, I get up at 1:30 and 4:00 every night/morning to check on him. But, I thank you for your concern.

I am using Omnipod and Dexcom, and since the calibration is done with Omnipod Dexcom shows same levels most of the time.