Finally I am getting a lower A1C. Went from 10.3 Dec 2010 to a 6.8 March 2011. Went to the D-Dr yesterday. In Dec ( and the previous years) my A1C was high because I was being treated as a T2 ( by my PCP) when after tests at the D Center (first visit Dec 2010) they determined I was T1. So after being on insulin for 3 months I am getting better numbers. Next step pump? Thanks to all for the info I have gained by surfing this site. Learning more each and every day. Even my D-Dr says it seems as thou I have a handle on it. Although this is my first discussion post it should not be my last. Thanks again ALL.

YAY! Congratulations on your proper diagnosis and lower A1C that is wonderful!!

Congratulations, Steve! You can’t ask for more! SO glad you’re combing this site and learning from it. You’re doing just right!
Now if we can just get all those doctors out there who are treating T1s as T2s to think again. Tudiabetes should be required reading for them all.

Thanks for the comments. All though I was treated so long as T2 I maybe partly to blame since I kept requesting to try something else and My PCP was more then willing. Also since I am in my 40’s they figured I was T2. But the more I surf here the more common it is getting to be that 40+ are being diagnosised as T1. One can only wonder sometimes what is planned for us down here. But as they say the Good Lord only gives you as much as you can handle.

Hi Steve, yes it’s pretty common for older adults to be diagnosed as type 2. I was 38 when told by my internist I have diabetes type 2, and put on pills. Insulin was added when the pills didn’t help, and finally 13 years later when I started seeing an endo he told me I was type 1. My mother was type 2 and my son type 1, so I readily accepted both diagnoses.

Wow, that’s Great to hear that you managed to get down to the 6’s from the 10’s from just 3 or 4 months ago. That always amazes me how some PWD can do that. Good work there Steve. Thankfully they determined that you are a Type 1 not Type 2. Quite some difference. Keep on reading and absorbing info that applies to your situation. Diabetes is a continual(seems endless) learning experience. Hope to hear from you again. :slight_smile:

Way to go!! I hope that you feel better along with the better numbers! I was dx’ed 1984ish and still remember how ghastly I felt until I got hooked up. It is a useful source of inspiration!1