Best A1C ever

Hi Everyone, I just got back from the doctor and was told that my A1C was 6.0. Wow! I have never had a reading that low. Just 8 months it was 11+ and I was started on MDI's. I also added a good amount of exercise to reach this point.

I'm not trying to toot my own horn but rather want other T2's that have reached the end of the line with oral meds to know that things can get better. I was very hesttant to start insulin therapy and resisted for years. If I had know then what I know now I was have made the decision years ago.

Insulin my not be the best for every T2 but it was for me

Gary S.

Congratulations! And thanks for the heads up on insulin, it is a fear I have that I may have to go on insulin.

Way to go!


Way to go! I don't have a choice about insulin (T1) but my tattoo, Fred, salutes you and your syringes!!

Congrats, Stemwinder, both on making the decision to go to MDI and the results! Well done.

Congrats! Thats AWESOME!!!

To repeat your word : WOW ...congrats !
I have heard this from other type 2's as well ; " glad to get off resisting to start insulin " , so thanks for sharing !'s to a healthy life !

Im so glad for you brother, and yes toot your own horn. Diabetes is a hell of hill to climb.

Congratulations! Awesome results!

Cool tattoo. I was never brave enought to get one. I like the hat in your current picture also.

Thanks! The tattoo guy seemed or at least feigned being impressed when I told him the CGM needle was 21 gauge and about two inches long and you stick it into your abdomen at a 90 degree angle. heh heh heh...

Way to go. When I was first diagnosed I went straight to insulin. I am a t2. I am in meds but I liked insulin 100 times more than meds. That is where I will go when ever I do need something to get my numbers down.

I think having T2 you can feel helpless against your blood sugar. Sure, you can take some medication and you can eat low carb, but once your blood sugar is high your are hosed (sorry for the Canadian). Your feel like you have nothing in your arsenal to bring that blood sugar down. And I know for many of us, that starts the minute we wake up and see that our blood sugar is high despite having fasted all night while we sleep. When I finally started insulin last nyear it was frankly a relief. We can bring our blood sugar down. And despite our efforts not to blame ourselves personally for high blood sugar, we do.

I am really glad for you, not just for your outstanding achievement of an A1c of 6%, but also all the other things that you have done with your life to make yourself a happier and healthier person.

Excellent, well done. That is quite the achievement! :)

Thanks everyone for the good thoughts. BSC has it right, for T2s on oral meds it is depressing when they don't work anymore and there's nothing you can do. I feel the same relief. I wish I had started sooner but I wasn't smart enough to ask for it like he was.


CONGRATS On such a great job!!!

God bless,

Well done, Stemwinder! If you can't celebrate here, where can you?!?! :)

Congratulations on your great work, getting your numbers down so far so fast! And that's a great message to put out there for Type 2's who may still see insulin as "the end of the line" or a "last resort". Unfortunately, I think some doctors still contribute to that message.