ABC scrapbook for diabetes

I can’t remember if I asked this before and I have tried searching for this topic but couldn’t find it. It might be my old age mind that gets forgetful sometimes.
But I am working very hard on my scrapbooking and getting all my old photos done. But I really want to do an abc album about my diabetes. Looking for some suggestions on some letter.
Here’s what I have so far.
A- A1C
B- basal/bolus
C-carb counting
D- Dexcom
E- exercise
G- glucose tablets
H- hypo/hyper
I- insulin
K- ketones. Really need another one here
L- log books
N- naked showers (no photos of course) or no
O- oblivious- no on really understands how hard
Open for more suggestions
P- pumps
Q- quantity- hoarding supplies
R- research another idea if I use trials for T
T- Tandem but using p for pump or t for trial so
Need other options for P, R or T
U- urine testing- open for another but shows
How far we’ve come
V- vacation- pump, diabetes, real or vibrate-
Pump, CGM, phone
W- weight- food and self
X- eXhausted 24/7 or eXperiement each of us
Day open for another suggestion.
Y- years- how many and how many last my
Death year
Z- Zone-when you finally get in the “zone”
Another suggestion?
Ok, these are things that come to mind for me but am open to suggestions for any of them but of course u, v, w, x, y & z are always tough. And my p, r and t all kind of collide depending on which I use. Of course trials and research are very important for my album but so is pumping so those letters are messy.
Any help from my creative, free thinking PWD’s! Thanks in advance for your help. Hoping to start on it this week.


I love this idea! Just a thought, but some of these choices sound more educational than personal. Do you have any powerful memories of (C)arb-counting? I think I’d rather (C)elebrate my (C)ommunity, my favorite (C)aregivers, or the diabetic summer (C)amp I went to.

What about your (A)chievements that did despite your diabetes? Where there things you were able to do (A)gainst the odds - like children or a long life. My type 1 grandmother had 13 miscarriages and my father barely made it, so I think this is the sorta thing long-timers need to recognize.

What about your favorite (I)ndulgences that your diabetes forces you to moderate? Am I remembering correctly that you posted a celebratory pic of cake and deep dish pizza that would fit nice here?

(P)ancreas! With a big RIP, or angel wings and a halo. Or (P)recision, (P)rotein, (P)rotection- safeguard those eyes, heart, kidneys, etc…

X- Xylitol. Common in sugar-free foods. Could also work for S. I’ll never forget those terrible Sorbee (sorbitol) hard candies. Though personally, I’d go ahead for the cliche xylophone, and put the sheet music to “sugar, sugar” with it… Cause that would make me laugh.

I think it’s important to remember the bad things, too, so we don’t repeat the (M)istakes. Did you have any (L)ife-changing (L)earning moments that scared you straight and encouraged you to take better control?

What about some of the studies you’ve participated in? I think that’s terribly interesting and would want it included. Drugs and devices are usually given awkward experimental names/numbers that might fill up an odd slot. (S)tem cells? (E)ncapsulation (T)est subject - or just (T)esting with all the fingersticks and dipsticks, and whatever your earliest tools were.(E)xperimental. (R)research. (Q)uery - you could write down your own observation to common diabetes questions, or pose questions you hope are answered soon. Speaking of, (O)bservations.

I love the (N)aked shower one. It would have a pic of everything striped off and laying on the bathroom counter.


As an avid cardmaker and sometime scrapbooker, I love this idea! Here are a few thoughts:
F - Finger tips (with pictures!) Or you could use finger tips for “P” as in “pricks” But Pancreas was a great idea, too.
O - on target (maybe a pic of your monitor?)
Z - could also be “zero ketones”?
S - pump Sites (picture)

Thank you so much for your input here. This has been a huge struggle for me for much of my life. The doctors at Behavioral Diabetes Institute have really helped me to get out of the “I have to” or “I should do” thoughts. Nothing about diabetes is I have to or I should. We are all here just trying to live our lives the best way we can.

I have to stop thinking so critically about diabetes. And you are right my list is very medical driven but much of my life has been that. And yes, I need to take to heart that I am a person who has likes and dislikes, successes and failures, happy time and sad times

So thanks, and I am rethinking my list! I will do some thinking and repost a different list from a more personal standpoint & not so medical.

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F - FU T1
R - resilient
S - sore, solid, strong
Z - Zip ties (who knows just sounded good)

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Ok, here is my second try!
A-achievement-all the things I have accomplished that I was told I never would
B- babies- my 2 beautiful children second my miracle baby
C-community- support groups, conferences, retreats, camp, DOC
D-devastating- the loss of our second child at 28 weeks
E- experiments- everyday experiments that sometimes go well and sometimes, well you know
F-finger tips but need to find a picture of someone’s black dotted finger tips as I don’t test anymore
G-game changers-blood testing strips, meters, pump, CGM
H-hoarding don’t we all?
I-insulin My liquid gold done all in gold
J- juggling all the things a Mom with diabetes must juggle each and everyday
K-knapsack- some people use totes, purses, duffle bags. It’s the bag the is your life line or it use to be for me.
L- log books- picture of old one, newer ones and now none or computer print outs from tech
M- malarkey- all the stupid things people have said to me over the years
N-naked shower- how great this is when it happens
O- off label- not being afraid to try something not approved OR
O-one - as in type 1, or juvenile diabetes or insulin dependent diabetes
P- pancreas as in RIP
Q-query my learnings to common experiences
R-research- all the studies I’ve done & where I hope it goes(CURE)
S-stem cell trial
T- Tandem my new dream pump and why
U- urine testing- was told by a nurse I could lead a perfectly normal life and I threw back at her nothing is normal about playing with your urine 4 times a day. She had no answer for that one! Hated testing my urine!
V-visits what my quarterly visit looks like at my ends, yearly visit to eye doctor, foot doctor etc
W-willingness to try new things-2 shots, 3 shots, 5 shots, intensive insulin classes, carb counting, pre-bolus, pump, CGM, off label drugs
X-xylitol gummies as a child that lead to me having the runs for days!
Y-years life changing things over the years, new doctors, moving across the country, getting married, new jobs, children, volunteering
Z-zone, when you finally get in the “zone” Still not happy with this one
Thanks again for the suggestion and I think it works a little bit better.

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R = Rage bolus :slight_smile:


Kerri Sparling at Six Until Me put together this booklet in 2011 which is an alphabetical compilation of diabetes terms and slang. In typical Kerri fashion it is wise and humorous.

And yes, it contains Rage Bolus and SWAG bolus.

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U = Understanding, that golden tonic given by those who “get it” as it takes the sting out of diabetes.

A atherosclerosis
B blood pressure
C cataracts
D diarrhea
E eczema
F fractures
G gastroparesis enteritis
H halitosis
I insipidus
J juvenile diabetes
K kidney failure
L lipodemia
M macular degeneration
N night sweats
O osteoporosis
P pancreatitis
Q Folliculitis decalvans - Wikipedia
R retinopathy
S sinusitis
T thyroid disorder
U uremia
V vasculitis
W warts
X xeroderma
Y yeast infection
Z zinc deficiency