A little creative help

I am working on scrapbooking a little bit more about me verse all about the family. It is amazing how many pages I am missing because I am always the one taking the photos.
So I have asked my family to start taking photos of me out and about. And like many things in my day to day life, diabetes is in the mix.
My husband took this one, one night when I was analyzing my CGM reports. And I am drawing a complete blank on the title of the page! Any ideas?! Thanks!

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Someone is usually much better at this but here is a couple of ideas to get it started!

Huh. My graph was lousy that day, why?
Did I eat and forget my insulin?


Where can I improve, a little insulin here, a little there…


I wonder if Xdrip will tell me more than Clarity…


Clarity, Diabetes and those graphs…


Clarity with Diabetes, right…

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Interesting that there is a wine glass on the table! Is that for before or after your analysis?

So how about…

“A little more wine, and maybe these numbers will make sense.”


I don’t know, but I digest things better with wine myself. :sweat_smile:

Also curious what critter is in the cage. Used to have similar ones for ferrets.

My meter said what??!?

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Nice photo!

  • Cracking the daily diabetes code.

  • Diabetes numbers, what is today’s solution?

  • The diabetes puzzle changes every day.

We are truly members of a weird tribe. It’s a wonder anyone gets us!

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Sometimes, wine makes any number look great. Thanks for thinking about my wine to tie it up nicely.


All great ideas! Thanks! And another thing I have been using the diabetes pages for is a binder I put together each year for the break room at work during November. It has my diabetes pictures and info about diabetes. Anything I can do to help educate people.


No critters in the cage. It is just a shadow. The crates are for our 2 labs and all the boxes on the top are toys and all the balls our one finds during our walks!

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Might work with the CGM in the title versus meter. Don’t really use one anymore!

Thanks for thinking Clarity. It might help bring it together.

Thanks everyone for the great ideas! I will let it stew and show you the results. Thanks again!

Couldn’t think of a great title, but happy to meet another scrapbooker!

It’s one of my favorite pastimes. And I am really starting to get me into the pages. It is amazing how many books I have of my kids and family and I’m not in them.
It has also been helpful dealing with issues with my diabetes.

Why whine about my numbers when I can wine about them

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