About Mother's Day

Today's post for the Fourth Annual Diabetes Blog should be about My Blogs, what I would wish my medical team could see and what I hope they don't see. I would rather my favorite doctor wouldn't see this Mother's Day anecdote:

Yesterday Mother's Day dawned cool, very cool and clear after a frosty night. My husband and I drove to my son's house for our annual Mother's Day celebration, complete with our three Golden Retrievers. Before we left home, I thought I'd be smart and go hungry for what is always a feast at his house, whatever the occasion. I walked in the door, saw him and asked, "Where am I?". He said, "My house", sat me down and gave me a hunk of fine gluten-free bread (I have Celiac Disease) with raspberry preserves. After that, guess what -- I knew where I was! It was a fine grilled meal that followed, the first grilled meal of the year, with a special bottle of wine.

Well, in actual fact I wouldn't mind my doctor reading this post, because he has a sense of humor. Lows he doesn't like, but then neither do I. Cheers!

How sweet Trudy! Why not send the post to your favorite doctor?

Thanks, Barb, but I think the post will remain a secret between me and the DOC!

Mistressbinky, thanks so much for the kind words. Sending a story or essay to thisibelieve is a thought; well, a temptation.