About to do something stupid

Here’s your chance to talk me into it…or out of it.

I think I might ask out my pharmacist. Its risky. He’s the 2nd best pharmacist in town. Good pharmacists are hard to come by. I thought I would do something very subtle (since he’s at work), like hand him an envelope with a typed note that says ‘no hard feelings either way,’ (so it looks like normal paperwork to his coworkers). But, if this mission is unsuccessful, I will almost certainly have to start using another pharmacy so I don’t make him uncomfortable. Could be married…could be gay. You just never know. Its risky.

I keep telling my male friends that they ought to ask people out in person, not on the internet. I keep telling them that they are cowards if they can’t do that and don’t deserve any dates. Sometimes you have to put your money where your mouth is…so you remember why no one takes your advice.

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Instead of talking you down off the ledge, I would give you a shove.

But don’t give him a piece of paper. What are you, in middle school?!?

Will you go with me? Check one:

  • Yes
  • No

Ask him either in person or give him your number and ask if he can call you when he is done with work. Go casual first, like a cup of coffee.


I agree, no paper notes. Just a causal ask if a cup of coffee or drink after work is a much better way to go. And if the answer is no (married in a relationship), no reason to change pharmacies, it’s not like you are a stalker, just asked someone to have a drink. Go for it! Life is way too short!


Lol @mohe0001 Even if he’s married or gay or whatever I’m sure he will be flattered by the note and there is no way you have to change pharmacists!!!

When I owned my store I would have people ask me out or invite me to a function and I would tell them I was married (sometimes they would then ask if I was happily married lol). And sure I remembered who it was, but I was never put off by the asking!!!

Just be polite and say you are interested and if they are, here is your number!!!

The problem will be if you date and you end up disliking each other…then you will have to possibly have to find another pharmacist!


While I agree with asking someone in person/out loud normally, I think it can put them on the spot if they are at work and part of their job is customer service. Some people won’t mind being approached in that moment, but some people do and can feel kind of trapped. For that reason, I think the note is actually a reasonable approach.

Also I think if they are gay or married, it’s really a non-issue—that’s an easy rejection, since it’s not at all personal. It’s more when someone is just not interested that rejection can get weird, but I think if you make it clear, no big deal either way, and then follow through on your end in acting that way, it will be fine.


Ugh, your right. Your absolutely right. I’ll just give him my number. Gotta be subtle, though. The pharmacy is a tough crowd. They always all look so miserable there. I think the pharmacy must be miserable to work at.

I know from experience that when someone asks you out at work, it creates a ton of ‘ta do’ with coworkers. They love that stuff. It creates a gossip train. Everybody starts acting like a bunch of old hens and wanting to give their two cents. Humiliating.

I pick up my insulin Thursday. I’ll try to get up the guts. This stuff can always go wrong…especially if you look guilty of something. Gotta do it with confidence.


Just say hey, I wonder if you might want to go out for a coffee sometime. I have been married up for 42 years, I can tell you if someone did that to me, I woudl say hey I am sorry I am married. and then I would be thrilled. No need to go elsewhere, trust me.


I would assume there’s a “private consultation corner” of the pharmacy where you could get him to come over for some private questions. Seems like a better idea than a note in an envelope :slight_smile:


I’d skip notes and speak to him where others can’t hear and quietly tell him what’s on your mind.


So it seems most people like the in person meeting. I actually prefer the note! But a note is easier to ignore or put aside and think about it so it feels like it doesn’t put someone on the spot at work.


The private consultation area is a great place to ask someone to coffee either before/after work or during a break. At that point you can decide to pass your phone number or no. My only is don’t make him feel trapped, because then you would have to find another pharmacy. Keep it casual and breezy (which when you’re nervous could be laffs in and of itself) and non-committal. It’s just coffee…friends. Could always be more later…or not.

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You could ask if he’s on pharmacistonly.com:slight_smile:


@Rphil2 I was thinking the same

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I think the in person way is better because you can read him, the note may leave you wondering. Do you think he likes you already? Go for it. Just know that we got your back.

You all are such criminals…attempting to lure him into a dark, private consulting room, lol. I guess I could ask for an a1c check. I have wanted a 2nd one to verify that the first was as crappy as it actually is. I just changed clinics and got such different a1c results. I guess its not any fun to be a woman if you can’t terrify a man every now and again.

@El_Ver, I’m 50% sure that I will dislike him as soon as I speak to him. It so often turns out that way. In order for a coffee date to be fun, they have to actually be a likable human, which is rare. I think a lot of people aren’t much for conversation. If this works, I’m going ‘big.’ My gay friends are taking me on a really fun date next week. Really fun. They are very, very fun. But, I will ditch them and get separate table tickets, if I am successful. Its so rare to have any success in these matters. I’m going ‘big.’ I will almost certainly fail.

off to the dreaded MRI appointment. There is snow. Gotta leave early…


Failure on both counts.

Pharmacy too busy. Multiple pharmacists at the counter. Shift change @ 5:00. No OTC a1cs at that location. There were some real jokers waiting in line today. we had some good laughs. I should have asked one of those guys to hand over the note. They would have done it for sure. They were trouble makers.

I fled from the MRI appointment because I was too scared to get an IV. They can put an IV on someone, but its not gonna be me. Neuro is gonna be so pissed. Can’t be helped.

He was definitely staring at me from behind the computer. I can sense his beady little eyes peering at me. But, when I look over he quickly looks down at the keys. Ugh! This is going to go on forever! I’ve had it. I’m going back in 2 hours for a BP check, come what may.

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Stubbing your toe is a LOT worse than getting an IV. Unless u have the truly hapless installing the IV. :slight_smile:

Depends on your veins Dave. Mine tend to wiggle away and I hate it when the tech tries to dig around because it is so easy to hit a nerve.

I always explain that I am a very difficult draw or that I need someone extremely experienced at putting in IV’s in veins like mine. I once had 5 people try to put in an IV and once had 8 people try to draw blood.
Now I ask for the best tech and if it is at my regular lab I ask for those people by name. Luckily they like me and are used to my veins.


Last week, I got poked 3 times. Once by the pre-op nurse, and 2x by the anesthesiologist. And that bozo put it in the crook of my elbow so that I’d stay awake much of the night, awakened by the alarm of the IV machine. The IV flow would be interrupted by me bending my arm a little bit, even for a few moments.

@Marilyn6. I regularly get trainees (they have to learn somewhere) who have trouble finding my veins. After the 2nd attempt they are supposed to get a supervisor (who will then show.off by actually getting a vein). I like to show them myself and regularly draw my own blood for them (it’s against the law, but hey! It’s my blood). I like to let them save face, and in return I am often put at the head of the line, avoiding a 30 minute wait. Woohoo!

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