About to Make a Chili with Bison and Horsemeat

Tataki sounds yummy. I usually have it with tuna, but salmon would be yummy as well. You wouldnt happen to have a good marinade recipe would you?

As to the sashimi route, I’m under the impression all salmon has a 7 day freeze put on it in order to kill the parasites before it can be served raw.

The freeze is a USDA recommendation, but the real sushi artists INSIST on fresh. Freezing will slow the parasites, but not guarantee that the toxins will be destroyed.

I would keep it simple… how about a touch of soy sauce, maple syrup and perhaps a julienned onion with some limes?

Sounds good. just have to watch that syrup. =^) That on a bed of arugula should work well.

How do they deal with parasites then? I do agree though, about the insistence on freshness.

I was lucky enough this year. My freezer is full of venison. i’ve been hunting since I was 12, that was a long time ago. It helps to live in Connecticut. I’m in the woods with only a 20 minute drive.

For sure. I would only put in enough to get some flavor, is all. I guess it depends on how many people there are…

I actually use sugars to aid in browning and making a crust on a piece of meat or fish. It is one of those things where an articifial sweetener just can’t subsititute.

Dont be, you’ve got a lovely city up there. quick google led me here but, Im sure your aware of these kinds of places.

I agree about there being no replacement, but something like a honeybaked ham will send me through the roof. Although, I oz of maple syrup is about 20g of carbs - figure 4 servings in the sauce will only net me 5g for the fish. Ok, that is completely doable.

A sushi chef only sources their stuff from reputable suppliers. Think on it like this… if one of their clients were to get sick, their life/business is over. That’s why you will NEVER see me eating sushi from a land locked place. LOL

For sure. I wouldn’t even use an ounce. I would really cut it back to about 1 tablespoon. (1/2 ounce).
Honey baked ham is a different think altogether. I find that the ham itself is probably cured with sugar in the mix. Too bad, because I LOVE ham.

LOL. I thought they only bought at the fish markets in the AM hours. I didnt realize they could regulate parasites at the local markets (the restaurant grade ones). Have you seen the prices on some of those cuts??? Its something like 10k for an Ahi cut. No wonder a 1/2 oz is 20$. =^)

I used to pay 35.95 per kilo for Ahi, and that is direct from supplier. I would HATE to buy that stuff in the market!

I love bison chili. Now the horsemeat? Well, ive never had that, but i have had deer meat, and cent say i care for it.

rick phillips