About to Make a Chili with Bison and Horsemeat

Just had to throw that out there. Looking at it from day 1 of a Paleo perspective, and am kind of nervous how the family will take it. Mind you, it’s not like they have to know…
Mind you, no beans in there, so will be super low carb!

Sweet! Just recieved my KitchenAid Stand Mixer Grinder Attachment. Now, the fun really begins!

Curious, about the meat selection. I like Bison and am always interested in trying new things, but I was under the impression horse meat was pretty tough.

Congrats on the attachment! I use my stick blender maybe once a week.

I’ve made chili with elk before, and it was excellent. USians don’t really eat horsemeat; I’m surprised to read on the internet that it’s common in Canada.

I really like me some real chili, not some fake stuff with beans, but real texas red, competition style chili.

I really like Bison, but it is so hard to get good horsemeat these days. Where do you get your horsemeat?

I just passed by it in the grocery store. I was curious, and I had to pick it up!

Was it in the freezer section over near the schmaltz and rabbit?

Does bison taste like beef? Could you fool the kiddos? Saw bison burgers, hotdogs and steaks advertised on HSN the other day and I wonder if you can taste a difference? A lot less fat in the ground bison than in ground beef.

I’ve used deer, elk, moose, bison, caribou and any other wild game I can put in my freezer.

Game hunting is hard in the city. =^)

Ive used rabbit, elk, bison, alligator, rattlesnake, and like you 870AA, anything else I can get my hands on that will fit in the freezer. Currently, I’m sitting on some hand delivered (thanks Mom) Alaskan Red Salmon. Just haven’t found the right recipe for it yet.

I’ve only had it a few times and would say it’s similar yet distinctive. The lean part is probably due to the fact that bison is usually not finished in a feedlot.

I used to raise grass fed beef which is also very lean due to the lack of time in the feed lot. I suspect if buffalo was finished in a feedlot it would no longer be lean.

Oh, now I am super jealous! For the salmon, I prefer just a bit of butter, red onions, salt and pepper. Boring, but F#ing delish! I used to do it on the grill by wrapping the salmon in foil, and putting the butter, onions, and seasoning there. Once it was done, you opened it, and OMG! Heaven!

LOL. Actually, believe it or not, it was right next to the ground beef. Living in a French quarter is weird like that.

Honestly, Bison does not taste like beef. IT has a different flavor altogether. Ironically, my wife was the one that balked at eating it. I told my son it was Bison, (he is 3 years old) and gave him a spoon of it to taste. His mother wrinkled up her “yucky” face, but my son proceeded to tell her, "I LIKE bison mommy!"
LOL Kid after my own heart. He decided what he likes, not his mother.

I have threatened to learn how to hunt so I can do the same.

My wife like to do it that way as well, but with parchment paper (rolled over to close it) and bake it. when its pulled out and unwrapped its a face full of awesome smelling salmon.
Im thinking sashimi or maybe lightly searing it. My MIL goes up there for annual fishing trips and I always put in requests. I’m still waiting for my King. =^)

A side note, I have no idea how to hunt, just like non-bulk raised meats. So, If I can catch a small butcher from a local farm (with some exotic meat) I’m going to lean towards that as opposed to a chain store product. For Thanksgiving we had a local heritage bronze turkey. =^)

Nice! Totally jealous here!

Ah, a nice tataki (short marinade then sear over high heat) would be nice. I would watch out for sashimi though because if it is not impeccably fresh, you could run into problems.

Dont be, I dont have Horse and Bison chili here! =^)