Account removed at D'Buzz, The Forums!-um what, I never heard of this before?

So I check my email to get this in my inbox

Dear ,

Unfortunately your registration at D’Buzz, The Forums did not meet our membership requirements. Therefore your registration was deleted.

D’Buzz, The Forums

um and there is no reason specifically why the registration was deleted. And does not meet membership requirements??? uhhhhhhh

it could be an error. Did you write to ask them why & what the membership requirements are?

Gerri I dont even know who to write to! Its just odd that there are membership requirements.

I think there’s a “Contact Us” provision at the bottom of their page. Maybe you can inquire there?

Thanks Teena, when I have time tomorrow or Thursday I’ll look into it.

I finally got around to emailing about this. I hope to hear from someone soon.