Accu-Chek AVIVA Nano

I saw the website for an Aviva Nano, and apparently it is only in the UK.

The Aviva Nano has a smaller size, and a glow in the dark display. I live in the USA, but I was dx-ed in the UK. I know the mmol/L measurements and would love to get an Aviva Nano. That would make me change my scripts for Accu-chek strips. I use the MM CGMS so pump comm with the meters are shut off anyway.

I have ROP and that display looks wonderful for partially sighted people.

Trying to email Accu-Chek about this meter are all for naught. Think there’s any hope f this meter coming to America?


The demo is very slick:

Best of all, the drop size seemed very small.

I like the look of the meter but I hate the code chip. If you ever lost the chip you have to use a whole new bottle of strips.

Well, you can order a new chip from Accu-chek/Roache with a phone call, they can send a new code chip. I leave mine in the meter all the time.

So far, I haven’t lost a code chip (Crossing fingers, paws, feet, leggies… )

I think a StickMe case would look good with it!!! I can see a black and gray case :slight_smile:

With me, I want to park it, test strips and lancet thingie into my cargo pants jeans. I have to use a case now and hang it from a carabiner on a belt loop.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE night lit up display!!! Mommy!!

Any link to see that Case?

I’ve got a AccuCheck Aviva Nano and it is a great little device, mine is jet black and is very smart. I’m really pleased with it and would recommend it highly.

Exactly. I would like to be able to GET one of these. Apparently they’re in the OK only :frowning: Would I be able to get one, here in the USA?

As I was dx-ed in the UK, I know mmol/L x 18= mg/dL. The strips should be no different than the Aviva nano in UK.

Hi, Catherine. I live in the USA and am considering mail ordering a Nano from Britain. My question is this: does the Nano offer the user a choice of displaying mg/dL or mmol/L? Most meters are not configurable for measurement units, and I definitely need mg/dL. I tried to find the Nano user manual on line but couldn’t. Any help you can offer would be appreciated!


Hi Gerry, mine appears to just be mmol, I can’t see any way to swap it over to mgdl.

Accucheck is preatty good about sending you a new chip promptly so you would not have to discard the test strips.

Thanks, Catherine. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the US version!

Who knows? soon the Yanks may adapt the systeme Internationale of mmol/L. It is simply a matter of multiplying your mmol/L result by 18 to get the mg/dL equivalent. I would be OK with the UK measurements. If anyone can order one, let me know how to get one here to America!

I don’t get it. Why don’t you just get a accu-chek compact plus meter. It is a all in one. It has a built in lancing device that can be detached and it holds and sends out the testing strip and ejects when done. It also has a alarm on it to tell you it is time to test and if you are hypo. Plus it lights up as soon as you hit the button. It is my favorite meter. You can do everything one handed. Plus it is very reliable.

I had a compact and IMO it is a big meter. I love the big apparently bright night display. In my earlier compact, I lost a number of tests because they would not come out of the meter. I’m sorry, but it is something I’d like to try. Need I be misunderstood for not wanting to carry a huge meter about? I thought the word “nano” means “small”. The apparently small size and bright numbers made me think it would be something nice for me.

No worries, heck with it. Thanks for the comments to all… Cheers.

Cool looking meter.

I recently got Accu Chek strips that had no code chip in the box. Called Accu Chek, they didn’t have the chip # in stock & they sent me new strips by Fed Ex.

Hey there is a meter that is really tiny that has a background light and then switches to the port area when you put in the strip. It is cute too. I don’t know if you have heard of it or not. You probably have, it called the freestyle light. I have one for a backup meter. It is dependable. Just a thought.

I Have tried the freestyles, but as they even say for their strips it may be hard for nearsighted people to use them. I never could get the blood on properly. Many wasted strips and time.

I really am legally blind. The Accu-checks’ strips are very easy for me to see, I kept missing the freestyle ‘spots’ and I was hoping that would work. My frind used that one, but IIRC they’re discontinued (??) Anyway, I know what would work for me, and nice as the freestyle is, it didn’t work for me and my vision. The ‘Prodigy VOICE’ is OTT, as I’m not totally blind either.

I’ll just have to wait.