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For users of ACCU-CHEK glucose meters.

I use 3 Accu-chek meters. I’m not particularly loyal to one brand but that’s how things have worked out for me.

I just got a accu chek aviva meter and love it

I use the Accu-check advantage… My only gripe is that I wish it came with the barrel fed sampler

I use the Accu-check Compact Plus and LOVE it. I love that I can load a whole barrel of strips and not have to fiddle with individual ons. I love that the lancet device snaps right onto the side - making it one piece to throw in my bag. I wish it would “talk” to my insulin pump - but oh well. :slight_smile:

Who’s using the Spirit Pump with the Accu-chek Aviva with the Palm PIlot? I’ve been downloading the pump and 2 meters to a Palm, but I’m not sure of what I’m doing.

I’ve just got the new Compact Plus and I love it, especially the yellow text on black… nice! The only downside with accu chek meters is the fact that you can’t use the infra red link with a built in IR receiver to download your results to your computer. You have to use a serial IR adapter from Accu Chek - great when you have a lovely new(ish!) laptop with an available IR link but NO serial port! Hey ho…

I have this and LOVE it!! ~Kelly

I love my Aviva meter. I use the Accu-Chek Spirit pump, too. Guess I’m just an A-C junkie. The Multiclix is the best lancet device I’ve ever used.

I got the Spirit pump last year, and it came with the Aviva. For some unknown reason I didn’t use the Multiclix…When I read posts about how great it is, I fished it out of my diabetes drawer, and I love it! I don’t always turn the top to go to a new lancet…

I started using the Compact Plus about a year ago but have had two break on me. Customer Service was great about sending me one(s) but I was unhappy with the reliability due to having two of them break. About a month ago I switched to the Freestyle Flash (the compact plus and Flash are two of four choices that my insurance plan covers at the top tier which leads to the most cost savings). I didn’t realize just how convenient and hassle free the compact plus meter was until I changed to the Flash; having the drum and lancet device all in one is a major convenience. Aside from my poor luck in having two of them fail and also it being very noisy, I think I may go back to using this glucometer. Has anyone else using the compact plus had bad luck with reliability ?

I use the Compact Plus and i love it!

I use the Accu-Chek Aviva as well. In fact, I have 3 of them now. One for work, one for home… and one that travels with me. I was able to talk my doc into a prescription ordering 8 tests a day, so I have plenty of strips for me, and my pre-diabetic wife and oldest son to use as well.

Go to Accu-chek’s website, and get free “skins” (stick-on decals) for your Aviva - see a picture of my flowery ones below. There are many to choose from!

I had been using the Bayer Contour meter but my insurance company is pushing me towards the Aviva. It would cost me more money to use the Contour strips so I agreed to try the Aviva. It’s not bad and the interesting thing after a week of testing is it’s much closer to my Dexcom CGMS readings.

i too love my aviva meter i got in may and it goes everywhere with me

After a few months with a Freestyle Flash I realized how much I missed out on the huge convenience the Compact Plus has to offer. I switched back and was even happier to discover they have an updated version of the Comp Plus. The newer model is quieter, seems sturdier, and fits better in my hand. Sounds like the aviva is a great meter too!

I didn’t know that Accu-Chek is so famous! Acu-Chek Active user here!

There you go!