Accu-Chek Pump Battery Issues

I have had an ongoing problem with low battery messages on my Accu-Check pump. Sometimes the battery lasts a month and other times it last only a few days. Same pack of brand name batteries. Support has tried various things a number of times including providing a different color battery cover and even replacing the pump more than once. This is getting very frustrating. Support says they have not heard of an ongoing problem. Has anyone else had this type of problem?

Thank you.

what kind of batteries are you using? I have had this pump for many years and never had any problem with batteries unless I was using cheap or old batteries. I use duracell or everready alkaline batteries. I had terrible results when I used these Kodak batteries that were zinc chloride.

While the Spirit Combo is way harder on batteries than its predecessor, I am typically getting 3.5 - 5 weeks on each battery.

I have found in the past that even brand name battery brands can have significant performance variation (although rare). I would first try buying another set of say 4 batteries from a shop that has a good turnover on stock - Lowes, Home Depot, WalMart, Target - and see what your life looks like on those.

Also, I try to avoid using the top right “arrow” button to avoid turning on the backlight, unless I specifically want the backlight to turn on. Other little things you can try are to make sure the pump has a clear line of sight to the meter so the bluetooth connection happens quickly, and turn off the meter as soon as you are done with it (also saves on the meter battery life).

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