Acu-chek combo, ping or Pod

Time for a new pump. Must have feature is the remote.

all of the below have it.

Accu-check combo, ping and pod.

any recommedations. I was leanning towards the POD, but seems lot of people have issues with it.

Accu-chek has a good program upto $1000 credit. if u trade in your old meter.


I was one of those people that failed on the pod. Luckily I was on a $199 trial program. When my five-month trial failed, I simply picked up the phone and called Animas to replace my out-of-warranty four-year old Ping.

If you intend for your insurance policy to pay for your pod, what will you do if it doesn't work? A 30-day money-back guarantee would not have been a long enough time for me to see that the pod was not for me.

There are lots of happy pod pumpers, but what if you're not one of them?

I don't use the remote or the food advisor. The remote suffers from a scroll speed flaw that necessitates overshooting/undershooting frustration. Some people have become accustomed to it, especially if they like to locate the Ping under layers of clothing. I did use the remote for a few weeks and the radio frequency connection with the pump was solid. The "scroll-circus" was something that I could not live with.

I use a Calorie King mobile app on my phone when I'm out and an Excel spreadsheet dose calculator when I'm home. I dose insulin using carb, protein, and fat grams.

I like the Ping because it's waterproof, dependable, tough enough for the common every-day hazards, and their customer service responds well. I also like that the Ping uses the standard leur-lock infusion set connectors and therefore gives a wide choice of non-propreitary infusion sets.

Just research each one. I've got accu check and like it just fine but I haven't use anything else so I don't know how it compares.

No issues w/ bluetooth or remote. You can bolus w/o it as well. You can pretty much do whatever with whichever. Except test blood obviously. I don't regret this one bit. Their customer service is top notch and the educator they sent is phenomenal.

I also use the Combo and have literally only used the meter to conduct all functions / control features of the pump. Started using it in July 2013 and literally only bolus'ed via the pump for the first time about three days ago. Never had an issue with the Bluetooth connection (the only time it will not work is when you have a low battery alarm on the meter).

One of my employees has the ping and he does not use the remote functionality at all. He says it is not as user friendly for whatever reason. Haven't used it but that was his feedback in comparison of the two via what he has seen with mine.

The other benefit was that if you are self-funding Roche has a better payment plan (24 months vice 12 months). Don't forget to consider the cost of supplies after the initial purchase. I didn't look at that as I knew my insurance would cover supplies regardless of whether they covered the initial pump purchase.

Good Luck! Can't go wrong with any of the choices as long as you are happy.