Affordable Type 1 diabetes classes?

My current company I work for changed insurance companies and I now have Nationwide insurance policy from UHC. A bit peaved since I was diagnosed type 1–2 weeks after they changed companies. FYI…Nationwide sucks! Anyways, it’ll cost me $1600 to go through the course. Out of pocket and money I don’t have. Any suggestions short of picking up a few books?

Pick up a few books :slight_smile: Really, Using Insulin and Think like a Pancreas will do you a lot of good.

I was never given any formal education when I was newly diagnosed… I was given an RX for insulin and supplies and that’s it. I wasn’t even known how to give a shot. Back then there really wasn’t a ton of information on the internet either… not like there is now. I had to hit the ground running and I had to figure out a lot on my own… like that 34 wasn’t just “a little” low… it was REALLY low. I had no clue for a long time… because I was having lows in the 30’s all the time and didn’t know how dangerous it actually was.

$1600 for an education course sounds like a LOT… really at most what you need is a couple of visits with a CDE and maybe a dietitian if you don’t understand portions and carb counting.

I got nothing from the diabetes ed I attended through my local hospital. In fact, I dropped out after the first two classes. I sure wouldn’t have paid $1600 for this. I learned everything on my own with help from the awesome members here.

Great book suggestions from Sarah & John. I’d add Diabetes Solution by Dr. Richard Bernstein. His book changed my life. You can order all of these books through this site & Tu D gets a proceed from the sales without it costing you extra. Scroll down to page. On the bottom right under “Resources” click on Best Diabetes Books & it will take you to Amazon.

Are you sure? Is it possible that you are inquiring about a course that is outside of their network/clinical policy. I can get basic education fully covered totally at my local diabetes education center, and I am even talking private education sessions. Are you talking about going to Joslin or something?

I would recommend that you give UHC a call. They probably have a nurse line. Ask her to help guide you through getting connected up. She can help you navigate the strange obtuse coverage that you might have. Some of what you may have run into is simply that they won’t cover the specific education course you found, but a wide range of other options are fully covered. The other thing to do is to locate an appropriate diabetes education center associated with a local hospital or large medical practice and enlist them in helping you navigate this. My local center actually works with all the insurance programs and will basically do all the work of getting approval and referrals as needed.

The recommendations for books are great, but there is no reason you should be denied some basic assistance. Most insurance companies really want you to have help during this difficult time. It is after all in their best interests that you get everything in order.

Should you need help looking up local diabetes centers, just ask, I’ll find you some.

ps. I know several T1s that were diagnosed, given a couple of prescriptions and simply told to go on their way. I consider such treatment to be innappropriate. Not only do you need help figuring out all the diet and insulin stuff, but emotionally it can be traumatic. The last thing you need is a shove on the back and to be wished “good luck”

pps. I’m glad your here. I wish there was a site like this when I was diagnosed.

I agree, call your insurance and see what they tell you. Here in TX, insurance is REQUIRED to cover diabetes education… it may be that whatever you’ve found or been referred to is not in-network for you, but there has to be something that is. (but even still… I go see my CDE and the total bill is like $90… I don’t know how or why it could amount to $1600 to go through D education)

I was on UHC when I finally got insurance and saw my first Endo… insurance covered everything with just a co-pay… when I go see my CDE or the dietician, it’s billed just as if I were seeing a doctor and I pay the same specialist co-pay.

It’s too bad you’re not in the Austin area… I could give you a 20 minute primer on T1 :slight_smile:

Are you seeing an endocrinologist now? I have yet to see one who doesn’t have a full diabetes team working in their office - it might be worthwhile to look into something like that if you aren’t already. I really like my current Endo’s office and the entire team they work with… if you find a good CDE they can be worth their weight in gold. I really really like mine, and she’s the first one I’ve seen in 9 years that I actually feel knows what she’s doing :slight_smile: