It Gets Kind of Depressing

I was officially diagnosed with Type II Diabetes on October 3rd. This revelation came on the heels of my husband losing his job (and therefore our health insurance). A week later we left on a two and a half week road trip/book tour (I'm a published author).

Needless to say, the past two months have been stressful. I've been having to learn all I can about living with diabetes through magazine articles, books, and websites. I had been given the offer of diabetes education but it's ridiculously expensive out of pocket.

I've had good days and bad as far as my emotions go. Sometimes, walking through a grocery store feels like walking a gauntlet with all the usual suspects being sugar and carbs. And while I know I can have some sweets (for special occasions), it still is difficult trying to realign my thinking when it comes to diet and nutrition when it comes to controlling my glucose levels. I haven't even tried to tackle stress yet.

Life with diabetes is a learning experience. Day by day is the best way to go about it so far.

Welcome to this lovely place we call family
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Thanks, Shoshana. I'll do that. :)

Welcome, my dear! It is indeed a shocker--and one with a steep learning curve! Please feel free to dive into any discussion, old or new. We love trying to help each other and if we can't answer your specific questions, we can probably direct you to someone or a group that can!......Blessings!...Judith in Portland

PS---road trips can be hard on new eating habits, but one simple way to start is think protein source and veggies. My last road trip, I discovered that even fast food stops have options now like chicken strips and salads and none of them even blinked when I said give me a cheeseburger and a salad, but hold the bun!

PPS---A lot of us will be able to recommend reading material. My first stunned months, I found Gretchen Becker's book on T2, the first year a big help. And she and David Mendosa have helpful online blogs that I subscribe to, but I'll have to exit to find the links for you....Be safe and don't despair!.....

Thank you so much Judith. I apprecite your encouragment and wisdom. And yes, please do share the link. :)

Hang in there! I found the chat here and everyone helps so much (I am a newbie T2 myself).
Grocery stores are shocking aren't they? But...celery and meats...yum! You'll find your way... Pickles, Olives, mustard on flax bread, almonds, chia seeds, cashews all sorts of stuff is to be found there.

PS There's often someone in chat 24/7 so if I have late night questions or just need to vent or feel isolated I pop in and often find somebody there (people from all over the globe in all time zones). There's rush hour times too of course...but the chat can be ultra helpful for on the spot support or whatever, socialize, vent (politely) and on and on.

Judith I want those links, too! Please hurry! post em if ya got em!

Peace ;)

Thanks MrSilver. The chat seems to be the place to be so I will do so. :)