Today's sadness

I posted a discussion here earlier today about a man who died in jail who was a type one diabetic. Yes, he was in jail, and yes he was there from being drunk, but should he have died? They said his blood sugar was around 1200. I cant even imagine. I think when I was diagnosed I was near there and I slipped into a coma for a little while.

My heart just aches thinking about it and the sadness for his family's loss. I hurt for his mother who tried to inform the sheriff's office of his diabetes and need for insulin, who drove down to the sheriff's office the day he was arrested to drop off his glucometer and insulin with supplies.

I picture my own mother, how she would have been wrought with worry, only to have her worse fear confirmed. They didn't take care of her child.

And I wonder. I wonder if it was neglect of the officers on duty. I wonder if he knew what was happening. I wonder what he said, because how could be a diabetic on insulin and not know what can happen when you go with out it. I wonder what the officers said. I want to place blame, even though I don't know all the facts. It just doesn't make sense to me how that could have happened.

Lastly I wonder why is it that this invisible disease is to minute to everyone unless you've dealt with it first hand. Did no one know the consequences?

Its that last question that is haunting me.

My heart goes out to his family. I am so sorry for their loss, that it happened in such a way.

Here is a link for the article.