All about the numbers or is it?

I had my 3 month check in with my endo on wednesday. (He's great. I recomment him to anyone living in the Phoenix Metro area.) We did the normal review. A1c now at 6.3! Previously 6.7. Blood pressure down, 120/70, colesteral good, eyes excellent. All in all, the kind of Dr's visit everyone wants to have everytime they go to see their endo.

Then I started thinking about the numbers, why do I get such a thrill over being a certian "number" on my A1c or on my meter? Why are good days and bad days overwhelmingly defined by the number on my meter?

I worry sometimes that we diabetics let the numbers consume us and stop enjoying the blessings each day brings that aren't related to diabetes. Things like a rainy afternoon in Phoenix, enjoying a laugh with friends, or a husband who willingly does laundry and is waking up early on saturday to take my car in for an oil change so I can sleep in.

I'm curious what some of your daily blessings are, the kind that can get overlooked if the numbers aren't right. Please share :)

oh… being a worry wart like me? it’s the other way around… I overlooked the daily belssings…when I saw my sugar shoot up… I’m already bothered, especially when my BP is also elevated… I can’t enjoy my day… all I do was think what have gone wrong and asking everyone what’s happening to me and hoping to get an answer from them… I hate having D!!!

Autumn I think this is something everyone wrestles with, and I hate it. In fact, sometimes the tone of my entire day is set by my wake-up reading.
I keep a gratitude journal and write in it every night. It really only takes a minute and helps redirect my focus.