Allergic To Insulin

Has anyone ever been allergic to fast acting insulins such as novolog, apidra, or humalog? My doctor just recently switched me back to novolog due to insurance requirements and I been having some weird symptoms ever since.

Due to insurance issues I had to switch from Humalog to Novolog. I feel like I had better control with the Humalog, even though my doctors tell me it's the same thing. What are your symptoms? There could be something else going on and it is coincidence that it happened around the time of the switch.

I've heard of people being allergic to insulin, but apparently it's pretty rare, especially with the newer insulin analogues.

My allergy to Novalog exhibited itself with a large red raised bump starting about 24 hours after a new infusion site was established. This "pump bump" would take a week to ten days to resolve after removing the site. When I switched to Apidra, I had no further problems like this.