Almond Milk

I recently was recommended Almond Milk as a substitute for milk with my morning cereal and it is wonderful. Low in calories (40 calories per cup) vs. Milk with 130 calories per cup and also low carb - 2 g carb per cup vs Milk with 16 g carbs.

I put it in my cereal and my decaf coffee or just drink it plain and it is very mild in flavor and very good. I use the “Almond Breeze” unsweetened and it seems to have no effect on my BG.

Cool! I’m definitely going to try this.
We had something kind of funny happen with milk the other day … my partner had done the shopping and got a bunch of dairy stuff of a brand he doesn’t usually buy. One night I made myself a snack of a half a slice of toast with peanut butter and a little glass of milk, and after I ate it I felt really nauseous and sick. I thought it was the peanut butter (which I almost never eat) and resolved never to eat it again. Then today I was getting something out of the fridge and reached in to move the carton of milk I’d drunk out of that night – and realized it was actually half & half! No wonder I felt sick! I thought it tasted kind of weird, but figured it was just because it was a different brand. The carton was the same size as the milk we usually get, and I didn’t read the label (since I already know how many carbs are in milk).

So anyway … I’m kind of maxed out on dairy right now. I’ll give the almond milk a try.

I have been using Almond milk for over a year and will not switch back to milk. This is also better choice when trying to keep weight off the stomach area according to some recent articles i have read.