Milk and cereal

I dont drink cow’s milk and I dont like soy milk on my cereal. Does anyone have any other ideas for a lower cal/carb beverage to put on cereal?

If you can find unsweetened almond milk give it a try! The sweetened almond milk has quite a few carbs in it, so definitely look for unsweetened.

I like rice.

coconut milk has 13 carbs/cup, which is about the same as cow’s milk.

I second the almond milk…it’s very creamy and it’s also only 40 calories and only 2 grams of carbs in it. You make out with the calories and carbs!!

Oh my gosh, I totally forgot coconut milk! There’s an unsweetened kind, the brand is “So Delicious” I think, and there are only 2g of carbs per cup. It’s not like thick coconut milk (like fresh out of a coconut) at all, it’s been thinned somehow and perfect for cereal!

There used to be a product that you can see here:
that was DELICIOUS with anything and very low-carb. Not sure if it’s available any more, though.

In any case, I also wanted to recommend checking out this category in the Forum:
which is dedicated to discussion of Food and Recipes.

Thanks all! Im going to try the unsweetened Vanilla almond milk. I know So Delicious makes good ice cream so Ill try that next if I dont like the Almond milk. I usually only eat cereal when I wake in the middle of the night hungry and low. Id love other ideas for that.

On my cheerios I use half container of chocolate Atkins shake.

I know it might sound weird but I take yogurt and mix in my cereal - crunchy yogurt. But it works for me. Choose a yogurt the thickness you like.