Alternate Infusion Sets

Does anyone know what’s currently available for animas ping that doesn’t have an automatic inserter (which is all that Animas seems to offer)? When I was last on the pump they had mostly self inserters (which I strongly prefer) and were just starting out with their current insets.

I’ve tried the all in one sets previously and had even taken them out from the inserter because I like to have full control over the process, so now that I’m returning to pumping with the ping I was wondering if there were other alternatives?

If you look on the Animas website, they have metal insertion sets as well, which I believe are all self-insert. I also know some people who use sets from other companies that are compatable.

Comfort Infusion Set (17mm) or Comfort Short Infusion Set (13mm)

I’ve stuck with my Accu-Check Rapid D’s and am on my 3rd type of pump. My understanding is that if the infusion set has a luer type end, it’s compatible across multiple pump types. Some places will send you samples (2 or 3 for a small charge) so you can try some out. I don’t like the inserter because they are too large to carry easily.

Comforts and Comfort shorts. Same as MM Sils.
I have used these for all my ten years of pumping because they give you total control, no serters.
I picked up three sample Insets and decided who needs all this extra stuff?
Comforts are angled, but I’m sure there is an alternative with a 90 degree angle as well.
They push the Insets, because they make more money on them btw.

I really liked the Orbit 360 sets but the distributor was so poorly managed that I went back to the Animus automatic inserters.

Thanks everyone, I had only looked at their products on the main page and not the store (I didn’t notice it for some reason). So it’s good to know.

The following web page is a table of infusion sets, it is not exhaustive (eg they only list the Comfort not the Comfort short) but it gives a good comparison. This is John Walsh’s web site (Pumping Insulin)

As others said, any set with a luer connection can be used with the Animas Ping.

make that the Orbit 90 (they rotate 360 degrees)

thank you; it’s good to know my options :slight_smile:

I LOVE the Orbit Micros - not the 90s - they rotate and the steel is very very thin - you can barely feel it going in. And I had lots of trouble with distribution until I switched to Liberty Medical (but ONLY for the infusion sets - you have to be clear about that cuz they try to take over everything).