Animas Pump - Other types of infusion sets?

Hi -

Looking for some feedback from some experienced pumpers. I have the Animas OneTouch Ping pump and love it. I was wondering if there were infusion sets, other than the Animas brand, that were significantly cheaper and compatible with my pump. I've seen comments about the Cleo and Orbit, but those aren't any cheaper. Just didn't know if such a thing existed.


Any infusion set that provides a luer lock connection can be used with the Animas Ping. The only infusion sets that don't provide this connection are the ones made by Medtronic, so stay away from them. I have been using the Accu-Chek Rapid-D infusion sets with my Ping.

I use Unomedical Comfort Shorts, available at the Animas e-store. I prefer manual insertion rather than the automatic ones. I think they are considerably cheaper and for me at least, easier to use.

Hmmmm. Unless things have changed in the last year, I disagree. Animas specifically sent me Medtronic 'Quick-Sets' before they came up with their own 90 degree 'Insets' which I used excluseively with my IR 1250. Both sets were manufactured by Unomedical. I prefered the Medtonic Q-S as they do not have the auto insertion device and were a lot cheaper. I was just about to have my doctor prescribe the Quick-set by Medtronic to use with my Ping due to the lower cost (I don't have any insurance). As with gw below, I also prefer the Comfort Shorts due to cost and manual insertion.

I like the ones from Animas the Insets and also (from my Cozmore days) I like the Cleos, but again and that have the luer locks can be used. Find what you like and you get the best price on and take 'em for a spin.