Infusion sets advice needed

I am searching for a new infusion set to use with the Ping pump for my 10 year old daughter. We were using the spring universal and loved it but it appears to be discontinued. With the spring the insertion and needle retraction happened with a single click of a button. Is there anything like that on the market today? The cleo 90 looks close but I am concerned with having to press down as it could push it into muscle. She is a thin girl. We have used the animas infusion sets and they were terrible! About one in 4 didn’t work. And unfortunately she is allergic to some metals so the orbitals are out of the question.

Any advice?

Thank you very much

I like the Animas Comfort sets, Insert them manually on an angle and they are perfect for people with very little body fat because you wont ever hit muscle and they stay in that way.

The Silhouette sets from Medtronic are pretty much exactly the same, and they fit they work with the Animas tubing too.

I am allergic to Medtronic adhesive and not the Animas adhesive, Go figure!

I use the Inset 30. It inserts at an angle so there is less chance of hitting mussel. Although it inserts automatically, you have to remove the needle manually. The angled set also gives a larger adhesive surface which means that they will stay on better. The Insets are a 90 degree set, and I did not like them much. I liked the Spring except for the fact that they sometimes disconnected for no reason. The Cleo 90 is also a 90 degree set. Try using the upper buttocks or the back of the upper arm. For the arm, make certain to use long tubing so that enough slack can be left for free movement.