Alternative to contact-detach

Does anyone know of metal sets besies contact detach? Or whether contact detach sets go by any other name?

I used to order supplies through Animas. With Animas closed, I tried to order sets through Medtronic, but found out that my provincial coverage would not cover sets if I ordered through them. Apparently I have to order through a pharmacy located in BC. So I went to my local pharmacy, and they were able to order cartridges, but said that they searched all three of their suppliers and could not find anything with the same DIN or “contact detach” in the name. I’m at a loss as to what other information I could give them, and my only conclusion is that maybe none of their suppliers carry this set. This is London Drugs, so not a small pharmacy.

Any suggestions?!?! The metal sets are the only set that work for me. I thought about trying comforts again, but I just can’t imagine that I’ll be able to wear those for three days. My allergies have done nothing but get worse since I used those last. And periodically I try insets and they never last more than 24 hours without my blood sugar skyrocketing. I typically move the contact detach sets every 12-24 hours (but I frequently re-use the same needle, so it works out to a set change about every two days).

Would your pharmacy be able to order anywhere just to route them through for you?

The site has another link that appears to be Canadian specific?

I asked if they could just order them from Medtronic for me (who is now selling Animas supplies), and they said no, they have their own suppliers they use.

It may mean I switch pharmacies, at least for the purposes of ordering these infusion sets.

My other option would be just to order online (Medtronic, Diabetes Depot, Diabetes Expess,…lots of choices) and get my insurance to cover them. That may be what I end up doing, but they only cover 80%, so it would be more expensive (I’ve also never done it before, and am nervous they won’t cover them since they’ve never previously covered a pump for me).

Honestly, this is the type of stuff that I find exhausting about diabetes. Never mind the blood sugar management!!

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Try looking for Sure T sets.

Aren’t Sure-T specific to Medtronic pumps (hence also having their proprietary connection)?

This Unomedical site linked above leads one to believe that the steel sets come in three versions, each dedicated to a specific pump.


The Contact Detach works with Animas and maybe other luer-lock pumps.

The Sure-T is proprietary for Medtronic.

The TruSteel serves Tandem pumps only.

Yup. This was my understanding.

I do believe there (used to) be alternative metal sets to the contact detach. But I think one of them was from Roche, who I believe is no longer involved in pumps.

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I think Roche is coming back.
Roche owns 20% of Senseonics.

@Terry4…Thank you for clarifying the Unomedical info. I was not aware the Sure-Ts were Medtronic specific. :slightly_smiling_face: