Where can I buy contact detach insets?

I need to get some contact detach insets out of pocket so I don’t waste my old tandem cartridges etc. anyone know where I can get some? Do I need an rx?

Tandem has created this problem for its users when they changed from a luer lock connector to their proprietary T-Lock connector. I had the opposite problem because I had left over infusion sets with no cartridges to fit them. I did manage to use up my extra sets by reusing tubing from my newer T-Lock sets.

You can no longer buy Luer lock sets from Tandem but they are the same as Animas sets which you can now buy from Medtronic, the problem is that Medtronic will require a prescription. So will any other legitimate supplier. I am sure there are black market sellers but I don’t know if I would go there. Is it possible to get the necessary prescription from your Endo?

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@Stemwinder_Gary perhaps eBay?

Medtronic sells contact-detach with Luer-lock connector (meant for remaining Animas users). When I ordered mine they only required my endocrinologist’s name, but that may be because Animas sent them all my information, which included the pump forms of medical necessity. My endocrinologist also wrote me a prescription for my local pharmacy, but I was unable to use it there.

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Did a search there and came up empty handed

Medtronic has some luer lock sets, but when I asked for samples they told me the rep had them and she said no, absolutely no way did she have any to give me unless I wanted to start using my MedT pump again and get the MedT. sets. Grrrr.

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Apparently, Animas didn’t send MedT ALL the information on everyone. I just put in my first order to MedT for Animas supplies on the first reorder date given to me by Animas, March 11. I have been jerked around for almost a month. First they sent me the wrong contract to fill out for billing Medicare. Then, when they sent the correct form, it had to be faxed to them. I am in the boonies and have email. No fax. I managed to fax in a fast turnaround. Then they needed additional information from my CDE, which my CDE’s office told me they had sent MedT weeks ago. Finally, I got an email that my supplies are on their way and should be here on Monday… with signature required. Now, that is a hassle, too. We shall see if the box gets here…


I’m sorry you’ve had that experience. I’m in Canada, so things are a lot simplier here regarding healthcare. I did have to speak to one specific person, but once I got hold of that person all they needed was my provincial health number and endocrinologist’s name. I spoke with them on Thursday and they said my infusion sets should be here within about two days (so Monday or so). In future I can order online as well. Assuming the package arrives (I haven’t received an e-mail confirming anything, but I did speak to them on phone) then it was a pretty smooth process.

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When I talked with Tandem this week about the lack of 43 inch tubing for the metal infusion sets, the person I talked with said, Tandem had some still in back stock but were not making the longer tube length. He said he had shipped an order last week. So if they are still shipping the longer length tubing, they may have cartridges still, until they are gone. Can’t hurt to give them a call. And while you talk with them, please for us long tube people, ask about the longer 43 inch tubing and why they no longer make it. Thanks. Really miss my longer tubes.

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Yes my supplier solara apparently has them although they started shipping me tru steel about 3-4 months ago maybe, however at solara they cost $79.99 for a box of 10. I need a lot so I’m not paying that, that would be crazy. I’m not sure how I ended up with so many I guess cause I didn’t change the cartridge as often at first. If I call I’ll ask about the 43” tube too, not sure why they would phase that out.

Yes I think he will write it if I ask. I’m trying to get them in exchange or eBay etc. So far there are none on eBay where my cde said she got hers, but someone has animas, a box for $45.

Do you know which one specifically is the one that is equivalent to the contact detach?

My cde also found someone who has 25 extra ones and she has some I can pick up. Waiting to hear from from him. I think I still have like 7 boxes of the old ones so I need a lot, I will try to get them via trade, exchange or eBay first before paying a fortune for them.

You used old tubing? I’ve never done that, I have a gazillion tubes too, not sure why. I don’t understand exactly what does not fit, the luer lock can’t fit in the new cartridge, but the connecotr thing at the inset still fits the new inset I guess. I have not used the tru t yet at all. Very confusing and they should have a supply of the old stuff for this type of thing.

I don’t need cartridges I need the old contact insets. I have too many old cartridges.

Are the actual infusion set pieces the same? I accidentally got some short tubing once, and I just re-used the long tubing two or three times with those sets and discarded the short tubing. Would that be an option? (I actually still sometimes re-use tubing and have a little stash of longer tubings stored up in case I ever have a mix-up again.)

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I don’t know Jen, I haven’t looked at the new one yet. But the problem is I have a lot of the old cartridges and the old cartridges can’t connect to the new insets. I don’t have enough old insets. They changed the luer lock to something that requires a lot less insulin to fill the tube etc.

But if the old tubing can snap into the new sets, you could just get the new sets and continue to re-use old tubing (while discarding the new tubing), right? Assuming you have enough old tubing to save. You’d have to get hold of a new one and see if it will snap into the old one.

I’m going to have to look at it and try and see if that could work Jen. I have not even looked at the new ones yet I’m so confused about all of this. I don’t know if the old tubes will connect to the new inset, that could be a solution too. Thanks! I will get back to you and let you know if this works.

I’ve researched this and talked directly with Convatec/Unomedical who is the manufacturer for Animas, Tandem, and Medtronic infusion sets, tubing, couplers, etc. NO ONE makes an adapter so that you can mix and match proprietary couplers (Paridiagm, T-Lok, etc.) with Luer Lok couplers.

As you know you cannot “mix and match” couplers and the manufacturer of the coupler does NOT and has NO plans to produce a coupler adaptor and the Pump Suppliers have no reason to offer adapters so that you do not have to buy their proprietary supplies from them. That’s where the profit is!

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@meee, just wanted to let you know that I received my shipment of Animas infusion sets from Medtronic. So they definitely still carry those. I didn’t pay for mine, but paying out of pocket is definitely an option (or maybe your insurance could cover it).

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Yep it’s all about the money but we already knew that :joy_cat::flushed: i figured out I can use my old cartridge and old tubes which I have some extra of with the new inset, just worried I’ll end up with not enough new insets at some point.

That’s good Jen, how did you not pay for them? I doubt I can do that but I wonder. Maybe ask animas? I guess they will all be useless at some point. So far no luck with getting any, I bid on some on ebay but the auction was stopped by Ebay.

I’m going to use my old tubes for now when I run out of the old contact detach. Someone who had some to trade wanted insulin which I don’t feel comfortable shipping etc.