Am I low or am I driving my Leep Jiberty

My husband just came in from outside telling me he was being eaten alive.

I told him great now you will have the West Vile Nirus, omg. I said did I just say that, hehe.

He told me I was a nut.

(I have also said Leep Jiberty when I am low)


haha thats cute! but I hope you are OK!

Just tested at 58 and did not even know it, but probably was normal when I messed up my words, who knows??

I have had times when my friends or family have looked at me & said, “You aren’t making any sense. Check your blood sugar.” And boy, they are usually right. :slight_smile:

One time, many years ago, when my husband was low, he was sitting on the steps waiting for me to bring him a glass of juice. When I returned, he was sitting at an angle as though he were falling off the step. I asked if he was falling and, after some muffled jibberish, he quite plainly stated that “gravity is crooked!” we still laugh about that one!


You sound like me!!! My husband says I say some of the funniest things when I’m low. I was setting by the computer one day when him and my youngest came in from a day of shopping and was getting low really fast by the time he and my daughter got in the house I was just about ready to pass out and both he and my daughter told me after the lovely shot of gulagon that I looked straight at my husband and whined, “You don’t love me anymore”. I said this to a man who at the time had been with me for 22 years and walked down some reallybad roads with me and was still there!!

My husband actually recorded me once when I was low (after 2 glasses of juice, I was still at 48). He would always tell me that I told him all kinds of stories when I was low and of course I said, “yeah right”?

Turns out, I talked to him for about 20 minutes (as I was shoveling cereal in my mouth) about absolutely NOTHING! lol In my head, I was having a very intelligent conversation with him about my plans for the day, but on camera, it sounded like “aoxefhvp hihrcihxawhadpiqwax” (or something like that). :slight_smile:

hahaha that’s funny when they do things like that I feel like a fool when I hear myself later!!!