Amazing Race has a Type 1 Diabetic Competing

Yeah, I enjoy the Amazing Race. And having a T1 on it this season will make me want to watch it even more.

I can’t wait to watch her on the show. I’ve always wanted to do the show (even though it wasn’t likely to happen) and always thought it wouldn’t be possible because of the type 1 diabetes.

I’ve always wondered how a type 1 diabetic would do on The Amazing Race. Now we’ll find out!

I’m curious about which pump she’s on. Based on the challenges in tonight’s episode, I’m hoping that it’s waterproof.

bikette, her BG was 330. Understandable given all of the stress and excitement, and better high than low in that type of situation.

Here’s their team page on the CBS website:

I hope that somehow we can find out how she manages – already all of the running was making my blood sugar drop and I was just sitting on my couch :slight_smile:

that’s funny, I was thinking the same thing about her pump – i had all this anxiety for her, i assume she’s thought thru all of this and I have a feeling there no one other than others on the pump would have thought about that.

Yeah, saw that… Her BG’s? were 337… Go figure!
Don’t think I’d like to have a Dr. working on me with those kinds of #'s, eh?
Wish them Luck though…

Wow I never thought that TVshow would let a T1 on the show. I guess that’s because she is a doctor. I will have to watch it.

CBS posted this video of Nat talking about diabetes and the pump:

I don’t have a great eye for pumps, but this looks like a MiniMed to me. As far as I know, they’re water resistant, but not waterproof. Maybe she disconnected for a little while, or kept it well-protected under her clothing, but the cameras aren’t going to show all of those details.

So excited, hopefully this will open more doors. My husband and I have always wanted to compete on the Amazing Race, but was told no due to my T1, so hopefully this season will go over well, and hopefully she copes well enough to hang in there. WHoo HOO!!

That’s great. Thanks for the update. I’m going to try and catch the next episode. Bret Michaels in Celebrity Apprentice, Bowersox in 2nd place American Idol and now this. I’m sure they will give a quick mention of her diabetes at some point.

Way to awsome I love this show it is really proving that yes even us diabetics can do it!! and if we win first that gives us even better points lol I love it!!

Nat and Kat came in first again last night, and there was a diabetes mention!

About seven minutes into the episode (, Nat said that she thought her blood sugar was going up due to nerves.

When I saw that, I wondered if the show’s editors were reminding viewers of Nat’s diabetes in order to set up a problem later in the episode. But thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

She said in a little interview segment in the first episode that she uses an insulin pump. Can’t imagine trying to compete in that if she didn’t use a pump!!!


That’s so cool. Keep the updates coming for people like me that can’t always watch it. Have they talked about her diabetes that much?