List your movies/tv shows or books that include diabetic roles

Maybe we can get a good database of movies/tv shows (old or new) that have roles where someone in the story has T1 or T2. I know Hollywood rarely gets the truth of the disease correct. But I wouldn’t mind knowing what else is out there.

So list your movies/tv shows - and maybe a brief description of the role.
I can only think of the one I just saw last night…

-Wonderful World (2008 matthew broderick rated R)


EDIT on 5/1/2011 - Here is the movies, episodes, books you have all mentioned throughout the thread. I thought I would edit/update it here for people reading this for the first time, they can see what has been listed and what hasn’t. If you don’t see it in this list, than please add you title on the last page.
In no particular order…

  1. Movie- “Wonderful Wold” 2008 with Matthew Broderick
  2. Movie- “Memento” 2000 with Guy Pearce
  3. Book titled “The Sugarless Plum”
  4. Book titled “The Breakthrough”
  5. Movie- “Con-Air” 1997 with Nicolas Cage
  6. Movie- “The Godfather 3” 1990 with Al Pacino
  7. Movie- “Steele Magnolias” 1989 with Julia Roberts
  8. Movie- “The Baby-Sitters Club” 1995 with Schuyler Fisk
  9. Book(s) The Babysitters Club by Ann Martin
  10. Episode- “Nurse Jackie” Character named Thor is diabetic.
  11. Movie- “Black Book” 2006 with Carice Van Houten
  12. Episode “Saving Grace” unknown episode has a diabetic cop.
  13. Movie- “Species” 1995 with Ben Kingsley
  14. Episodes “Scrubs” Turk is diabetic and it is mentioned in a few episodes
  15. Movie- “The Panic Room” 2002 with Jodie Foster
  16. Movie- “Derailed” 2002 with Jennifer Aniston
  17. Book- “Some Kind Of Normal” written by Heidi Willis
  18. Episodes “Army Wives” A few unknown episodes has a diabetic character
  19. Movie- “Porky’s” 1982 with Wyatt Knight
  20. Movie “Chocolat” 2000 with Alfred Molina
  21. Episode “Brothers & Sisters” granddaughter is diagnosed T1 in episode titled “Family Portrait”
  22. Episode “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 6 unknown episode of T2
  23. Episode “Hanna Montana” Unknown episode of Oliver telling Miley he is T1
  24. Episode “CSI Vegas” Character named Lady Heather is diabetic. Unknown episode(s)
  25. Episode “Private Practice” season 2, Episode 10
  26. Movie - “Big Nothing” 2006 with David Schwimmer
  27. Movie “Bread And Roses” 2000 with Adrien Brody
  28. Movie “Brokedown Palace” 1999 with Claire Danes
  29. Movie “Click” 2006 with Adam Sandler
  30. Movie “Dog Day Afternoon” 1975 with Al pacino
  31. Movie “Gubra” Possibly from 2006?
  32. Movie “It Runs In The Family” 2003 with Michael Douglas
  33. Movie “Jerry and Tom” 1998
  34. Movie “Mad Money” 2008 with Katie Holmes
  35. Movie Meeting Daddy (2000)
  36. Movie “Nothing in Common” (1986)
  37. Movie “Phonies Beware!” (1956)
  38. Movie “Scarecrow Gone Wild” (2004)
  39. Movie “Soul Food” (1997)
  40. Movie “The General” (1998)
  41. Movie “The Witches” (1990)
  42. Movie “Warlock” (1989)
  43. Episode “E.R.” season 12, episode 1
  44. Episode “The Young And The Restless” 2001 a character named Raul Gutierez
  45. Episode “Doc” unknown episode about character named Sam
  46. Book “Sugar Isn’t Everything” by Willo Davis Roberts (kids book)
  47. Book “Gift of the Pirate Queen” by Patricia Reilly Giff (for kids?)
  48. Movie “Death at a Funeral” 2010
  49. Movie “Repo Men” 2010 with Jude Law
  50. Book “The Strain” by Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan
  51. Episode “X-Files” unknown episode where Skully is handcuffed while someone goes into a coma.
  52. Episode “Rizzoli & Isles” unknown episode about a T1 found deceased
  53. Episodes “Marcus Welby MD” a couple unknown episodes with diabetic roles
  54. Episodes “Blue Bloods” Season 1, Episode 1 (pilot)
  55. Book “Painted Blue” by Laura Fogarty
  56. Book “One Second After” by William R. Forstchen
  57. Movie “The Pick Up Artist” 1987 with Molly Ringwald and Robert Downey Jr.
    I didn’t include any non-fiction in this list but I think a few are based on true stories. I also list the star actor and not the actor with a diabetic role. I’m sure this list could help you find more info on the internet. Also read through the entire thread since a lot of members have already given a description of the diabetic role. I will try and keep the original post updated when more movies, shows, books are added. Thanks everyone for contributing!

Ah I remember another…

-Memento (2000 Guy Pearce, rated R)

In ConAir Nick Cage’s buddy is a diabetic that needs his shot and they break his syringes so Nick Cage stays with it and tries to help him . . . .

The most classic of all movies… THE GODFATHER III
Michael Corleone was a Type 2 diabetic. In the movie, he had a “diabetic stroke.” And there are references of having hypoglycemia and injecting insulin.
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Steele Magnolias - Julia Roberts is a T1 diabetic that gets married and has a child and an over protective mother in Sally Fields.

Steel Magnolias.

Not the most hugely accurate portrayal of Type 1, especially now, but it may have been a little more realistic when it first came out.

Julia Roberts plays at Type 1 diabetic who decides to have a baby even though her doctor says she shouldn’t.

A long, long time ago I watched the Babysitter’s Club movie and one of the girls was type one and had a low blood sugar. I can’t remember very well, but I’m pretty sure that part of the movie was about not being embarrassed about having diabetes, and that you shouldn’t hide the fact that you might need help.

I’m pretty sure they got the facts right- she ends up fainting from a low blood sugar while hiking because she was trying to hide the fact that she felt low.

Wow I had no idea. I seen it before I was diagnosed so I’m sure that’s why I don’t remember. Great movie!

There’s a holocaust movie where a doctor tries to kill someone by injecting her with an insulin overdose, and she survives by eating chocolate while she is passing out–

thought of that one 1st. I had had 2 daughter’s when that came out and thought the fact of Julia Robert’s dying right after that baby was like 6 months old scared me but at the same time I knew it didn’t happen to me so there was gomething there that wasn’t right

here’s a post about diabetes and pop culture

chocolate saving a life in a movie, that’s cool! Anyone know what movie this is?

wow great stuff in this thread and in the link from MarieB. I was wondering about Mall Cop also how he got low blood sugar(mentioned in the link). But they never gave any details about it later in the movie.

…Any other tv shows or movies?

Just saw Momento a couple of days back…Great Movie
Panic Room
Con Air

L.A. Ink - they did a piece on how Corey has diabetes and I think he was tattooing a diabetic in the episode.

Black Book (2006)

TV Show - Saving Grace. In the last season, one of the cops was ID’d as being diabetic - this was after 3 years of watching him eat donuts. I love donuts.
The interesting thing really was that there was no plot line or anything about it - it was just mentioned in passing.

I just saw the trailer to Black Book. I want to see that. It looks good. Too bad I already got the spoiler about the chocolate.

which movie was it where someone got ‘pumped’ /attacked with a whole lot insulin (but managed to save his/her own life by eating chocolate!).

although not a ‘movie’ kitchen nightmares with ‘chef ramsay’ had a diabetic dad in one episode!

on the previous page in think i read the answer to my question, by Frances

There’s a holocaust movie where a doctor tries to kill someone by injecting her with an insulin overdose, and she survives by eating chocolate while she is passing out–

On this page, Frances gives the tile…Black book