An appetite for better things

Hey all,
Our appetites and lifestyles really do manage how we spend our time in the kitchen or somewhere eating.
We came in here to Weight Loss Team to encourage and support the changes we want to make.
Let’s talk about our appetite:) It manages to spend alot of time telling us what we want. Maybe we should find ways to tell it what “we” dont want. That would be anything that brings our numbers in the wrong direction.
Would you all mind sharing what foods are most helpful to you in keeping your numbers happy and your weightloss target in sight?

I have found that by eating a little bit of a high protein food such as cheese or peanut butter will keep my hunger under control for a long time.

But the most helpful thing I have found was to make a lifestyle change. I would overeat when I was bored. I am disabled, so there a limits to my physical activity. So I got bored alot. I made up my mind to find other ways to occupy my time doing other things besides sitting in front of the TV eating. I signed up for a correspondence art course, now I spend more time painting, drawing, etc. When I am doing this, I’m not even tempted to snack. I don’t have a scale at home, but I have noticed that my clothes are not as snug as they used to be. Hopefully at my next dr’s appointment I will see a favorable change in my weight.

my sweet tooth is my downfall - i love chocolate and tend to indulge in the sugar free variety. i’m now limiting myself to one square once in a while. it is quite fattening. but i think the fact that i am becoming weight obsessed is deterring me from consuming the stuff in excess.

what helps me is eating fresh food as much as i possibly can. meaning as little processed stuff as i can manage, save for the occasional serving of tuna canned in water, some peanut butter or sliced cheese. i even try not to use salad dressing but drizzle olive oil over my salads. it’s heart healthy!

Hello all…

I work at night, Midnight to 8:00 a.m. so I have a strange eating schedule… and managing my appetites is always hard. Also I do most of the cooking here at my house, and after having a hard night… coming home making my breakfast… trying to get in 6 or 7 hours of sleep and waking back up, I can say there are many times in the last few weeks since I started trying to eat better that I just wanted to give in and have a quick sandwich and be done with it, which is what i’d done many times in the past.

Since I’ve started on this eating “healthy” the main thing i’ve had to do is to train myself to go for better food choices… Instead of a glass of soda… I grab some Ice cold water… Instead of a pudding pack or an Ice cream I will eat some grapes, apples, or even a bit of cheese…

I’m working on eating less bread… and less “processed” foods and eating more fresh veggies and fruits. I’m also attempting to limit my intake of some foods such as beef… eating smaller portions… 3 or 4 ounces instead of those 12 to 16 ounce steaks, single hamburgers instead of those doubles… and not eating out at fast food as much…

The cravings I get for soda are pretty bad but I drink a little bit now and then… and I’m actually starting to enjoy eating veggies and fruits over sweets such as pie, or honey buns now…

I’m actually starting to get much better numbers nowadays.