An open Letter to my sister

This is my first blog and I am nervous about it, but here is is: I wanted to express my feelings about the impact of diabetes. I am from a family of diabetics- Mother, Father, grandparents and 6 of my siblings. I was thinking about the inspiration and motivation that prompted me to join TU Diabetes. I thought of you my dear sister- Betsy. I know that you are sad and angry that your leg had to be amputated, I know there are many what if’s and questions in your mind. I also know that you are not alone in your battle against diabetes; I Love you and will be there for support and encouragement. I know that your vision is failing and that you hate dialysis- but we must accept the negatives and positives in life. I will print this letter out and bring a copy of it with me and read it to you when I visit you at the hospital this Sunday. You lost a limb not your spirit and passion for life; to me you are still my big sister- funny, giving and loving. I plan to push your wheelchair outside so we can feel the sunshine and be reminded of the all the beauty that is in the world. We could make it a great day! in spite of everything, you were always a positive person- so let’s not let this minor setback deter us- when you come home we can still play scrabble and shop on line for Christmas gifts, I’ll just read everything for you (smile) . I know that I don’t say it enough- but I LOVE YOU and will be there for you in times of happiness and sadness. Your Little sis, Cynthia

I thought a letter to a family member or friend would be a nice way of sharing and expressing your feelings about diabetes!

It is more than nice Cynthia. It is an excellent, effective and wonderful way of sharing and expressing your feelings about diabetes. I am truly touched…thank you so much for sharing your letter to us. Im sure Betsy will love it. Please tell Betsy too that she has a whole community thinking about her =)

I will tell her, and maybe she will join too!

I’m sorry about your sister’s setbacks but she can go on especially with your help. We all learn from things like this. I am lucky …my siblings are healthy and hope they stay that way. I’m so glad you’re here Cynthia, both for you and the help you can bring to your family I wish them all good thoughts and happiness. We have to remember, we are ONE person but have the ability to impact many lives and when we do it is the most wonderful feeling. Love to you and your family.

Thank you Joanne! How are you feeling? I can not believe that I’ve been on line for a while times flies as they say :slight_smile:
Did I read earlier that you were not feeling well either? Well I wish the best for you also. Just reading all the blogs and checking in on the groups that I’ve joined. You know It is so strange that I am meeting so many diabetics- especially in my community, I find myself offering support and wish that I had someone to confide in when I was first dx, perhaps it may help them in some way. We will chat later- Cynthia

Dear Cynthia, your letter is excellant to your sister…it came from your heart. She can also know that we are here to for her as well. Keep your head up strong. I’m glad to see that you enjoy life no matter what. Take care, friend. Tell your sister, she’s one blessed person to have a sister like you. Patti

Thank you Patti and I hope things work out well for you. A BIG HUG TO YOU_ Cynthia

That’s so great!!! Please tell your sister that she is not alone in this fight! We’re all here to support her and you if you need it!! Your a great little sis!!! I come from along line of diabetics myself and there’s nothing like family support !!! Keep up the good work!!!