An update from me I need teen opinions

Its been a while since I last posted. I’ve turned to tudiabetes to let of steam and tears. I don’t know whether to feel greatful that its my birthday tomorrow (ireland time) and I’ve lived another year or to be disappinted that I’ve realised my life is completely different to how planned, diabetes hasn’t effected my life plan too much because I’ve had it since I was a baby, but I’ve realised that my life will never be the way I wanted it to be as a girl. I feel like my life is slowly disappearing before my eyes. Ok so it all started when I was 6 and I decided I was going to be an army girl then I found out when I was 9 I couldn’t be because of my D then I decided I wanted to be a paramedic but now there is high likely hood I can’t do that either :frowning: I juat want to be a normal teenager with nothing to worry about but clothes bags boys and shoes but instead I have to worry about blood sugars weight hba1c insulin and trying to be normal all at one time! I want to be a singer/model but no-one wants a chubby model and I can’t seem to lose weight because poor control as a toddler has led to a thyroid problem and I’ve been told by my doctor that it is going to be really really hard :frowning: I just want to crawl under a big massive rock and wake up when there is a cure! I need teenagers opinions on what I could do to make lif little bit easier

Well, I was a teenager once… It is hard, and must be that much harder being a teen with D. Try to be flexible because life is about constantly changing based on what you have and how you can adapt to what’s going on. If you can’t be a model- and who says you can’t, anyway; there are lots of larger sized models now - maybe think about being an actress. I wanted to be a dancer as a teen, but I wasn’t built all willow-ish… I had to adapt, find something to do that I loved. And, I found it. You will, too, if you keep an open mind and try on different hats to see how they feel.

I was a teenager not too long ago (I'm 24). Find a hobby or something you LOVE! I fell in LOVE with all-star competitive cheerleading at the age of 10 and I still do it:) I love that I can get away from life during practice and competitions and just enjoy stunting and such. Also did you ever think of looking into nursing. There are many nurses who have D and then become Certified Diabetes Educators! You'd be perfect because you know what its like to have D and not just learn everything from a book :) Hope this helps a bit!

Hey girly, I am a teenager (I am 15). I truly know how you feel, trust me I always go on this website when I am feeling down and they always help me out. I know it seems there are many problems right now, but as life goes on these problems won't matter anymore. I know exactly how you feel about the weight issue, I am trying super hard to lose weight as well, I've just been trying to take less insulin when taking meals, (less carbs, etc) So far, I have lost around 7lbs. You know for the career deal, you might want to consider doing something that involves diabetes! I think us would be a great example as a diabetes educator who in the near future are struggling as well with being a teen with diabetes, and WE were the strong ones and did it! Anywho, just message me if you want to talk, I really wouldn't mind it. :-)

I was diagnosed when I was 14 (22 now) and it is tough. But, it does get better. I come from a military family, and that was part of my plans as well. I thought when I graduated high school I would go into the Navy and have them pay for me to go to school. Didn't happen.

I ended up going to a traditional four year college and had the best four years of my life. It's not the direction I expected my life to take, but it turned out much more better than I had ever anticipated. I found my interests and passions there and I started doing a lot of advocacy work with organizations that helped third world countries. I went on numerous service trips, and helped develop new programs for my school. I earned my degree in education and I am finishing up my first year as a certified teacher. If I went into the military, I wouldn't have those same experiences and I wouldn't be where I am today. Looking back, it was almost a blessing that the military turned me down.

What you need to do, even though it's hard sometimes, is to keep your head up. If you want to be a model or a singer, why can't you? Look at Adele, she's amazing, and not a size zero. People told Susan Boyle she wouldn't make it, and look at her today. I am not denying that it sucks to be a teenager with diabetes, but you still have so many possibilities open to you.

Find what interests you, what makes you happy, and focus on that. Tune out the people would try to discourage you and surround yourself with people who cherish you. And remember, you have diabetes, diabetes does NOT have you!