Life isn’t exactly good lately. Feeling like crawling under a big rock and never coming back up again! Just want it all to end. Life is so hard lately. Feels like my friends are turning against me for no reason. I just want a break from life… Like going into a coma til all the drama ends!! I just want to be a normal 13 year old girl with nothing to worry about except boys bags and clothes not weight and bloods and insulin and carbs and exercise and everything!!

I became D at 10 yrs. I was fine at the start, then everything seemed to go wrong for me. It all felt too much. The doctor made a comment about my body and it really hurt. I had put on 2kg, he made such a big deal about it. As though I wasn't self-conscious enough. My family worried that I might go low so much I felt like I was in a goldfish bowl. Eventually because I was so sick of everything I ended up turning all my frustration against myself. I didn't look after my bgs for years. I felt seriously ill a lot of the time and ended up in ICU four times. Please don't ignore your D. At least keep testing and taking your insulin.
Friendships are difficult to navigate at the best of times. Could you speak to one of them individually and ask them what is going on ? You are going through a difficult time in your life, I would never wish to be 13yrs again. You will come out of this stronger, you have an added maturity that other teenagers don't, that is you are in charge of your own health.
Also, would it be so awful if you took a few days off, sometimes we all need to do this. Keep in touch.

I was diagnosed at 14 months so never had a chance to experience a childhood as such. I was always in hospital every two or three weeks. Being 13 is like a big speed bump on life. But joesphine I’m surprised we haven’t met at some of the donegal branch get aways or days out or meetings or somerhing because I live so near you!!

Aw are you serious, I didn't check to see where you lived. I rarely go to the branch meetings, I've been to one in the last few years in the Mount Errigal Hotel. Do you attend Letterkenny Hospital, do you know a diabetic nurse called Kathleen Crenand, I love her.

Yes kathleen is brilliant. She’s gone now though :frowning: but avril is great too and anne !:slight_smile:

I know two Anne's, did a course with them in April. Write away to me, I understand what you are going through, don't worry. I've been through most of it, even the friends acting weird.

Kathleen works now throughout the county visiting GP's. I still see her quite a bit, she's still a lady.