...and now my son

Just a note to my friends at Tu Diabetes that recently my son was also dx with T1, so now I am a diabetes dad X 2—keep up the fight!!!
Diabetes Dad

Just another fighter in the family =]
I hope he is doing well.

Sorry to hear about this Tom, but you will of course be a tremendous resource and support for him! Keep us posted on how you all are doing!

A diagnosis is never good, but a diagnosis in 2009 is better than one in, say, 1973. The d-men in your family are always welcome here!

i know what it is like… i have three diabetic children. it is a hard thing to comprehend, but as you said, keep up the fight! how old is he?

So sorry to hear that Tom. But im pretty sure he will be strong as you. Prayers for the young ones…

Well, at least you all have each other for support! You’ll be able to battle over the last slice of chocolate cake - while deciding who has the better BG reading at the time to deserve it! I know I shouldn’t joke - but after seeing two of my best friends children going thru’ cancer - one of them is terminal - well - things could be worse is all I can say. I’ve had diabetes since I was 6 - and it hasn’t done me any harm … yet … except for a sense of humour at strange times.

The best coach is YOU . Do the stats say : 7 percent of the male population with type 1 diabetes 's off spring could be destined to get type 1 diabetes ? Your Son is fortunate to have choosen you as his Dad .Be well !