And So it begins

Laying here an IV later and I’m beginning to feel better. But just thinking, in a few hours it will be one week til my first full year. My oh my what a year it’s been. You’d think I had it all down but truth is I’m pretty dependent on others to notice changes in my behavior to detect highs and lows. Today however no one could detect it. Been sick with a stomach flu for about a week and was cheering and passed smooth out. Combination between dehydration and a low. Keeping me over night for observation, but no worries TuD family, I’ll be fine.(:

Oh dear, Kelsey, no fun, no fun at all! But I'm glad you're ok. Hang in there and feel better soon!

Yikes! I know that's no fun! The last time it got me was Mother's day last year with, of course, my mom, wife, daughter, dad, the whole gang, in attendance. At least the paramedics were handsome for them. Get well soon!

Kelsey, TRY not to CELEBRATE this way, would ya, sheeeesh! -wg- They're keeping you because of the dehydration, not the diabetes btw... lows, even "bad ones" are a simple discharge after a couple hours.

You are the primary, everyone else is in the "back seat". Dont get the two confused... you drive this creature, not them. Feel better...

How'd things turn out for ya?