...And the blows just keep coming

I had a little bit of hope after leaving treatment. My diabetes was in the best control that it has ever been. And the neuropathy seemed to be getting better (even though I was at the very beginning of it). I felt good, I was positive and wanted good numbers. It was what I strived for every day.

A few weeks ago, the pain started in my legs and the tingling feeling in my hands and feet. My doctor said it could be other things, but most likely it is related to the diabetes. Yesterday, I got more bad news when I went to the eye doctor. I'm starting diabetic retinopathy. Talk about a low blow. Two things that are really important to me are that I can see and walk and I'm jeapordizing both of these by not doing what I am supposed to. I can blame the eating disorder all I want, but at the end of the day it's just me. I have to be the one to make good decisions and want to be healthy.

So, for today, I'm trying to stay on track because I don't need anymore complications. Heck, I'm only 24. I would like to live to for awhile and live well, but I fear I may be alive and facing many complications. How did I let it get this bad?

Oh Mihelle, I am soo sorry. The good news, you are getting help early when there is still a lot that they can do. I was D’xed with prolific retinopathy at age 21. Bleeders and everything. And it still took me an additional 10 years to finally “Get” that I needed to control my disease and not let it control my future.

You can do it, even if you slip up every so often, the beautiful thing about D is, you have each and every day to try and get it as right as you can get it that day again

We’re here for you!

I’m so sorry Michele. But from your post I see a strong woman there. Please hold on! We’re all here for you.

first off, stop blaming yourself, the more depressed you are, the worse your health will suffer. Its a huge impact on your sugar control to be stressed.
second off, its not your fault at all, we all fail horribly in our attempt to deny ourselves simple pleasures, and to regulate sugars is a day to day battle, one day at a time, sometimes one day isnt long enough to repair anything.
third off, some diabetics can take extreamly good care of themselves and still develop complications, unfortunatly its a symptom of diabetes, and sometimes you just cant control it, no matter what.

take it day to day, and vent on here when ever you need to, it helps me from time to time.

Docs rarely talk about reversing nerve damage…in my experience, I had tons of pain for a long time until I got my A1c down and maintained it at a good level. During the first year with my A1c around 5% my nerve pain got much much worse. Then it disappeared. I talked to a doctor and he said I reversed some damage. I’m doing much better now, years later. I’m 27 years old. The pain started initially when I was about 20 years old. I don’t know if this could happen to you but I wanted to give you some hope. I almost lost hope until the pain went away and I realized losing hope is never what we should do. Instead, work steadily each day to get your numbers in a good range and just focus on the now, not the future. Good luck and hang in there…I know it’s tough to be young and feel…well…ya know…

Neuropathies can heal with better control. Don’t give up hope. R-ALA (you want the R form), an amino acid supplement, greatly aids neuropathy by rebuilding the myelin sheath of nerves. R-ALA also has the effect of lowering BG for some people.

You’re young & the body has amazing restorative abilities. You can do it! Often takes a scary wake-up call to get back on track. Don’t worry, don’t beat yourself up, just do what you can today & tomorrow.

I’ve lived for over 50 years with D and for about 25-30 years I had Neuropathy complications like numb feet and Rethinopathy. The Retinopathy I got laser about 30 years ago and it helped me to keep my sight. In the 1990s I learned how to really manage my D and was rewarded by finally getting the sensation back in my feet…I tell you this to let you know you can turn things around and live a pain free life.

hey, i feel the same way. Self control is just not working out form me and it really suck. My thoughts are with you cause. i do certainly need help too.
take care