First post in a LONG time. Went to the Endo yesterday

So a little background info.
*diagnosed with diabetes at age 21.
*first doc thought it was type 2 and put me on Metformin.
*metformin did NOTHING.
*2nd doc said…“nope, its type 1, welcome to insulin.”
*I was put on Insulin, but I cant remember which ones exactly.
*Got pregnant at age 22, and miscarried at 10 weeks 3 days.
*got a new doctor (#3 if you’re keeping count) and he put me on Lantus and Amaryl.
*Got pregnant this June (age 24).
*doc took me off Amaryl and put me on Humalog, along with my lantus.
*miscarried this august 14th at 10 weeks 4 days.
*Finally got my ■■■ into the Endocrinologist.

So I finally went to see an endo yesterday. I know…kick my a$$ for stalling. What ever. Denial…anger…what ever. I was pissed for having diabetes…so I was punishing myself. Any who…he’s the best doctor I’ve ever had, and I cant believe I waited so long to see one. I just never did because I felt like I didnt need ANOTHER doctor sit around and tell me how ba dof a diabetic I am. I’m also tired of doctors telling me what to do and not explaining why or how. So here I’ve been for almost 4 years taking insulin and pills, and I STILL have an a1c of 8.3. Duh. I think that people have this steriotype that diabetics are overweight people that cant control what they eat…so they treat us like ■■■■. But my endo was great! He sat down and let me ask questions for a half an hour, and answered every single one. He also prescribed me the Lantus solostar pen, and the Apidra solostar pen. I love them already!! YAY. No more preping the syringes and all that mess. Plus I can take my Apidra with me, so I dont have to worry about being away from home for too long. I can also take it to work with me. :slight_smile:

It must be extremely hard to go through not one but two miscarriages! I feel for you and hope that your next attempt will be met with success. There are many women on this site who are planning pregnancies and taking steps to prepare their bodies for it. You can also follow Kerry Sparling at her blog Six Until Me and see what she’s doing to get herself ready for pregnancy.

Talk to your endo about going on an insulin pump. I have been on the pump for just over 2 months now and it has made controlling my diabetes very easy compared to my multiple daily injections days.

Oh I am so relived to hear that you’ve found a good Dr. Wow we are at a similar place, your A1c is almost the same as mine now and your situation with M/c’s is similar too.
I’m so sorry for your losses, I hope that things continue to go from strength to strength for you x

You guys are so sweet and nice. :slight_smile: I didn’t expect any posts on my blog, but I appreciate them. Thank you!

So sorry to read about your miscarriages … and so impressed you’re taking control of your diabetes. I found it really easy to be an extra vigilant PWD when I was getting ready for and during pregnancy (and that was more than a decade ago, in the dark ages before pumps and CGMs)–being responsible for another life besides my own gave me a sense of purpose. It wasn’t so easy, however, to balance a squalling infant (bless his now-11-year-old heart) and my blood sugars. Not only does prepping for pregnancy ensure the mom’s health and her baby’s during pregnancy, it sets her up to be an awesome parent with diabetes for all the years after. Let us know how it goes for you!