Android phone app?

Does anyone know of a good app for the android that allows you to see all the nutritional information at restaurants? We use the Calorie King pocket guide, but there is no app for it :(

found one called fooducate but it only works on food with barcodes not very useful in a restaurant

Calorie Counter. It has carb counts for food at tons of chain restaurants, and a lot of other features that I don't use. Been using it for about a year.

There is an Android App called GoMeals that has most of the the Calorie King database in it, including many chain restaurants, as well as grocery store brand and generic food.

It is free.

It is the reason I finally justified getting a smart is a great help when eating out or just learning how to carb count.

Also, almost all chain restaurants have nutritional info on their web sites, which you can use if your phone has a connection. The nice thing about the GoMeals app is that it is self-contained and will work even if you have no cell service where you are.

I used to use the on board listings on my Animas pump, but when I learned how to carb count, I really never needed it. I look at my food and just see groups of 15. I don't even think about it anymore. Tortillas and pitas have surprisingly more carb than I would even have thought and a bagel has about as much carb as a doughnut. I don't eat many bagels any more :(

I found that the restaurant listing things I have seen often do not list them the way they are served. They like to eliminate sauces and use smaller sizes etc,. Especially the ones that are put out by the restaurants themselves.

That's why I like to count up just before I eat it, unless I already know what I' getting.

I would recommend looking at “myfitnesspal” its not for diabetes specifically but it has a very impressive database of foods and their carbs.