Any good android apps for diabetic management?

I am looking for a good free or cheap app

Our Glucosurfer App is very useful for people on MDI. It offers a Bolus Wizard and will calculate the remaining Insulin on Board (IOB) - very much like the insulin pumps. You can download the free version via our Glucosurfer site (search for free download). If you like our App you can buy it later via Google play for 1€ ~ 1.25$. Please send me a message what you like and dislike about our App.

What are you looking to do? There are apps like GlucoseBuddy which you can use to log all your data. I have a pump, so all my data is logged via my pump (and then to Carelink), but on my iPhone I still use CarbFinder pretty much every day. It's free and great for finding the carb content of various foods. The thing I love about it is that you can either look up carb values by weight or portion size. It also has nutritional information for some fast-food restaurants.

Another great use for the iphone is looking up nutritional info for various chain restaurants via the browser. Many places now post detailed information which makes finding carb counts really easy!

Thank you. I am not sure what I am looking for. I need to track as much as I can right now.

I will look into, thank you

I believe that there is a 'Carbs and Cals' app for android. It is great because you can find out how many carbohydrates and calories in a meal very quickly without having to have a copy of the book in your pocket all the time. Obvs, it is not as good as weighing out all of your food beforehand but when you are out for a meal, it is good to have a guide as to how many carbs you have to account for.