Animas 2020

Hey Guys,

I have a problem. I am presently wearing the Animas 2020 pink pump. My warranty runs out this November. Has anyone upgraded before and if so had did that work? Money, insets, etc…

I am almost out of insets and am also curious to know if there is a group that I can join to buy them at a better rate. Help. My family is going trough a difficult time and we could really use some help with my supplies. We lost our insurance.


As far as money when you upgrade at the end of your warranty it will cost the same as your intital pump (at or around $6,000 if you pay cash). If you were to upgrade today it would cost you $299 (see animas page). I think they would likely only extend your warranty for 2 years and not the 4 though.
Not really sure about the different groups to save on infusion sets. I have heard that Animas will sometimes work with people who are in tight positions so you may want to call them to see if they can discount your supplies.

There is definitely a fee “exclusion” (I believe that is the term) with Animas. If your income is below a certain level you get a discount both on purchasing a pump (not sure how this works for upgrades) and for your ongoing supplies. I got my $1,000 share of my new Ping waived and I get a 30% discount on supplies. (Over and beyond insurance, which luckily I do have). Talk to an animas rep.

Two words - honesty and negotiate.

You do not want to get accused - formally or informally - of fraud.
You want to get everything you can get some one to do for you. Be willing to go to “show and tells” for the local representative, etc. Learn all you can to be a success story for you pump.

Lat but not least, patience may be a virtue. If you may also need a CGM, it may be wisest to know when the integrated Pump, Remote, CGM will be available.

Thanks so much!

Thanks so much…I will look into that.

Wow. I’m upgrading now. Thanks!