Animas angled infusion set experience

I just switched from the traditional 90 degree infusion set (Inset 90) to the Inset 30 Infusion set.

I am astounded by the ease of insertion and the fact that after 2 insertions, it has been PAIN FREE!!! I have had some problems with discomfort using the 90 degree sets, but was fearful of the set pulling out with the angled style - I had this happen numerous times when I was previosuly using angled sets from other companies. I have had no set problems with these - in fact no occlusion alarms with either set.

I think the difference is the auto inserter they have developed. Needless to say, I’m pleased with the results. It’s a luer lock, so it can also be used with Cozmo.
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Hi Mick, I also use the Inset 30s. You are so right about them being pain free. And not having the loud click as with the Inset 90. One question for you…how much of the cannula is visible in the little window area? Sometimes I feel as if enough of the cannula is not under my skin, but I know it is by my numbers staying good. I think I would feel better if I could actually see where the cannula goes in instead of it going in at the edge of the window (know what I mean?). And I like how securely they stay in place tool

I didn’t actually believe that it would keep my sugars normal when I put the first one in. I fully expected to be 350 and have to put in an Inset 90 half way through the day. I’m on Dexcom and it was flatline all day long. I think my control is actually better than it was on the 90.

I hear you on the window issue, but I think it’s probably 100% secure, but out of unbreakable habit, I put a Tegaderm on the reinforce the adhesive and keep the canula in place. I probably is unnecessary but it makes me feel better.

I’m also using the Dexcom 7. I know I would feel lost without it since I do have hypo unawareness and it has saved me from some lows. Do you have insurance coverage for yours? I’m waiting for notice from my BCBS.

I also feel that the Inset 30s keep me more in range. With my current set, when I bolus I kind of feel the insulin going in just under my skin. So I guess that proves that we don’t need much depth for the insulin to do its job.

I get no coverage for my sensors, but put them on a flexible spending account the defray some of the cost. Unfortunately, I’m in the Harvard Pilgrim boat and HP decided that they will no longer cover any sensors - remember it’s “investigational and experimental.” What a joke, the evidence for CGM is as good or better than that for a lot of other thnings in medicine that are covered without question. I still am baffled as to why insurance companies have taken such a a hard line on this particular issue.

For me, it’s too important to me not to have access to CGM, so I bite the bullet. I’m hopeful that with the approval of the Navigator, more pressure will be put on the insurance industry. I’m sure you remember a time when strips or syringes weren’t covered, so I’m optomistic about the future. I think that when Minimed decides that they want to sell their device, they’ll sick their lawyers on the FDA and get it approved across the board. For now though, I think they are content to see what happens because they are such a huge company. I just hope Dexcom can ride it out until we get better reimbursement.

I also feel the insulin going in, it sort of reassures me that I’m getting it. :slight_smile:

I am totally loving these sets too. I did my second one of these this morning and my numbers have been fantastic all day! My first one I don’t think I did it right as I couldn’t keep my sugars down, 'd get them down then they’d rise again. But I am loving them!