Inset 90?

Hi All: Just pondering infusion sets.

I use Comfort Shorts but a CDE I spoke to said it might be easier to use an Inset on other areas than Abdomen.

Frankly, after all these years (and I am coming up on year ten, pumping), I am sort of weary using Comfort shorts all the time, but have to use them in some areas because any 90 degree sets go bad on me.

Anyone have opionons on switching sets for different sites?

I know you can mix your supply orders, but dont know if a 90 degree set will work anywhere for me or not? (I'm pretty thin so I think that's why they tend to hit muscle.)

Thanks for any thoughts.

The Inset90 comes in 2 canula lengths, 6mm & 9mm, you probably need the shorter one. Alternatively there is the Inset30 which is a Comfort Short with an automatic inserter, so it is easier to insert in other parts of the body apart from the abdomen, the canula is the same length as the Comfort Short.

I use the Comfort shorts or Inset30s in my abdomen & the Inset90s on my backside.

Yeah, see they did suggest not trying to use Inset 30’s in the back or hip.
I dont want to mess with those, as I do pretty good with the Comfort Shorts.
But I am interested in trying the 90 in other areas like you do.
Thanks for the heads up on the lenght too!
I may need to ask my rep for some samples to try.

My son is 7 almost 8 and he just started the pump (only saline right now). He is very thin and has a lot of muscle. He is not comfortable with shots or anything in the abdomen so when we did the infusion set it was in this buttocks at the top. We used the Cleo 90 6mm the first time and we used the Infusion II 6mm from Animas the second time. Both worked great. The Cleo 90 was just a bit more difficult to detach the pump from the site but other than that no problems. Going forward we will probably use the Infusion II 6 mm unless we have any problems with it. So far so good.

How can I try the cleo 90 do they have free samples