Animas Clip

This might be trivial but it tees me off to NO end, and I cant believe I am going to call tech support on it AGAIN! So without flaming me, care to share your thoughts on this?

The clip that is for this pump is NOT Skin Friendly!!! trying to clip it onto the clothing it is extremely hard as the clip gets stuck on the skin (not body skin but the rubber skin for the pump)

The first one I snapped the top portion of it, so I could have used it for a lancet device. So I called Tech support for Animas and they sent me a new one after counseling me about making sure I keep clothing between the metal parts of the clip

Now the second one I MANAGED to bend it, and now it is a good inch away from the skin, so I’m able to put it onto my clothing. This might be the only thing I ever gripe about, but If I didn’t like to wear it on my back side, I would just throw the clip away and toss the pump into a front pocket!

I am confused about just what your problem is? I use my pump both with and without the skins and I have zero problems using the clip with skins or without.

I’ve been through a couple of them due to the plastic attachment plate breaking, but I really don’t understand at all the problem that you’re describing… the clip itself fits OVER the pump skin… so I can’t figure out where you’re saying it’s getting caught?

These clips are by far the worst thing I have ever seen. After 1 month the screw backed itself out and the entire clip fell apart. I had animas send me another, then I put the first one back together but the screw is coming out again… Animas is well aware of the problems with these clips (at least the woman I spoke to to get a replacement was aware)

I have both Animas 2020 and now the Animas Ping pumps. The skins are extremely cumbersome to work with and I don’t care for them at all. The clips, like the one you show, can also be a nuisance. I’ve found the best thing for both protecting the pump and attaching it to your belt, etc. is the leather pump case available on the Animas Store’s website. It clips fairly easily, but sufficiently to not come off. It has a snap to keep the pump safely tucked in the case. Best of all if you need full access to the pump for replacing cartridges, etc. all you need to do is unsnap the case and pull it out; unlike the skin where you wind up in a wrestling match to gain access. It’s not the cheapest option out there, about $35.00 the last time I bought one. But they last for years.

I agree - I go through clips every 2 months…and animas has never sent me a “free” one. They said its better for the clip to be weaker and break before the pump! I was told that in the past the clip was so sturdy that the pump would break before the clip…so they made the clip the way it is so the pump stays unharmed and we have to spend X amount of money a year buying new clips. Overall, I guess its better than damaging the actual pump but it is a drag to keep buying clips left and right. My issue is repetitive stress on the clip by taking it on and off countless times a day…I teach yoga and depending on the pose…I have to clip and unclip to move it around my body. Good luck with yours and I heard they are working on a new clip!

I could see how it can be troublesome, but I usually don’t have a problem with it. I don’t use the skins so I don’t know about that. I have gotten my tube in the clip though when I’ve clipped it to my front pocket. This isn’t the same clip I had with the 1250 pump. That clip was bulkier but the pump was able swivel on it which was cool. You could wear the pump sideways or vertical and it actually moved with you when you slept so it didn’t really dig. Of course the old clip broke and I ended up using the leather/clear vinal case that clips until I got my 2020. The good news is that I can use this clip for my 1250 if I need to use it.

Back in the 90’s Mini-Med had the “best” pump clip, but they have a patent on that and aren’t going to share it. Since then I have had a Deltronic and now an Animas. The clip situation is just about the only thing that I really don’t like about either pump. This is a legitimate complaint and you have my permission to share my thoughts with others. Thanks, Billie

Can’t remember how the Deltec clip was but it was SO easy compared to the Animus. Mine broke within the first 3 months. At least they replaced free of charge but now this one is getting weak & I am waiting to walk down the street & all of a sudden be kicking my pump off my leg! Susie

I called tech support again today and they are sending me ANOTHER clip, this one will not have any contact with the skin!! which acts like a rubber mat! the agent suggested that I get a different SKIN but I think I am going to get one of the cases…

I have been through numerous clips and they break for no reason. I have contacted Animas many times about the situation and they are aware of the situation. I understand they want the clip to break before the pump but charge a fair price for the piece of plastic! I have complained about this problem numerous times but no return has been sent.

I have never gotten a free clip - I have called several times and go through clips fast…boo! I hope the new re-design is better. Enjoy the weekend

Just an idea but you might try calling your service rep. Don’t tell anyone that I said that, but my service rep is wonderful and really helps his clients with their problems.

Yeah…done that. My local reps are not great…I often do not get a return phone call and if I do…its a day or more later. So …I am not a fan of the local reps here…they have not helped me much at all. I love the company and the product but I got the short end of the stick when it comes to the personal ‘hands on’ local service. Ohh well…can’t have it all! Enjoy the day

How do you get a personal service rep, Billie? I had my sales rep, but it was obvious that his job was getting me hooked up with a Ping and he did a great job on that. But I called him about something a few days later and he never returned my call. Then there was the trainer who came to my house twice. She and the Clinical Manager offered phone support for a couple weeks but I declined. Now I just call the 888 number and talk to whoever in the sales and supplies department for orders and I assume I would press the number for technical assistance, but that is all national.

I must not be hard on my pumps. Had my pump and clip since May09 and have had no issues with it. I would die without my clip.

Okay I am now on my 8th Broken clip!!! and they want me to pay for it, and I have been calling for a VP for the past week, and I have had NO RESPONSE, either they have 1000’s of complaints or they are ignoring me!!!

Perhaps I need to file a formal complaint!

Things were better before J and J took over…

I got a phone call today and an email from someone in charge, they are more than interested to see what I did and how and why… SO good I am glad they are going to pick on me, improving something for the next person is all I want…

AH I feel much better, Animas sent me a case, no more clips, no more skins… I am in heaven!!

HI there - what case did you get? I have not found one I really like…other than the spibelt. Thanks!