Animas Inset Locations for an Athletic Person?

Hi everyone--

I've been using the Animas Ping pump for about two months now and have been really liking it!

Part of why I wanted to get onto it is because I work out a lot and with Lantus, I kept having to carb-load before a workout so that I wouldn't crash out. .

So far, so good--I've been having less lows with no carb loading and I'm getting in great shape!

My only issue is now that my body fat is so reduced, I'm having a heck of a time finding a comfortable place for the Inset 90, 6mm--it keeps hitting muscle so A) it hurts and B) it burns sometimes when I do a bolus.

Does anyone have suggestions on more comfortable location(s)?

I tried on my side at my endo's office and that hit muscle too!


I also have very little body fat. I think the answer is...use an inset 30. It goes in at an angle so you don't need as much fat to cushion it.

Thanks! I just put that in--I need to play with the angle because it often feels really sore where the cannula enters the skin. It tends to get more and more sore over time--that's whey I switched to the 90 and had no problems until today :P

Hello, My 7 year old son just started pumping in July and we have tried both the straight set and the angled set. Because my son is so skinny/lean, the angled Inset 30 has been the most comfortable for him. As far as where we put his site he has zero fat on his body, lol. We have been doing along the top of his butt about an inch and a half under his shorts/waist line. We just go along the top an inch apart and then keep going around to rotate spots. It is tough for you lean people!! Good Luck and if you know any other comfortable places please keep me posted as well:-)

Hi! Thanks for your message! Yes I’ve been using the 30 degree and so far so good! The trick is the angle and not hitting a muscle. I did last week and ended up with a big bruise. I mostly go on my stomach-right and left of the belly button and higher. Only thing is now I have all kinds of red dots. I wonder if vitamin E oil will help them heal faster?

I've got the red dots too. I've been putting some antibiotic on them right after changing the insert cause I'm afraid of infection.

That’s a good idea! Also, I remembered Mederma makes a scar healing ointment so I’m trying that out.