Need an easy to use infusion set

I just started using the Animas Ping last week and was sent the Unomedical Insets (straight ones). I have neuropathy in my hands and am having a really hard time with them. I asked my supply company if there was something else I could use & they suggested calling Animas. Animas said to talk to my doctor. That isn’t possible because I don’t have an endo and my PCP that signed the paperwork knows nothing about pumps. Someone from Animas called me back & she is going to send me some of the Inset 30’s, but from what I am reading, those might be even harder to use.

Can anyone recommend something that is easy to use? Once I get the stupid thing in, the pump is working great & I love it but I am about ready to toss it just because of the frustration with the sets.

Do you have anyone to help you insert the Inset? Ive used them before with fantastic results, but mind you I dont have neropathy in my hands. If I ever need help in a spot I cant reach, I just have my wife pop it in for me. Just curious, as it has worked wonders for me in the past.

I live alone and don’t have anyone to help me with doing it.

A friend of mine that uses a pump just emailed & she said that she went thru a lot of sets when she first started hers. Maybe that is common & I should just try & wait it out. It is the piece you have to pull up till it clicks that I am having problems with. I either can’t get it pulled up or pull it the whole way out.

I am new to pumping too and went through alot of sets the first month too. I do not have neuropathy however in my hands. I am using the Medtronic version of the insets now, as well as the Medtronic Silhouettes, AKA Comfort sets I believe in Animas terms - they can be hand inserted (30-45 degree angle) - and are similar in configuration to the Inset 30’s. I primarily use these in my belly sites (much better absorption for me there) and save the Mio (Insets) for my thighs and arms, and flank sites. Maybe you can try these manually inserted sets - may have better luck with them? DOn’t know however, not familiar with the neuropathy.

The other set I have used is the Quick Set - I don’t know if there is a leur lick version of this set - but has a re-usable inserter (not integrated such as the inset), and seems easier to “■■■■ back” into position so to speak.

As Jennifer stated below, Medtronic makes the Quick Set (Very similar design and also made by Unomedical) that is available in a Leur Lock configuration that will work with Ping reservouirs(sp) and they have a device that is seperate, called a “Serter” that is used to insert it. Its very easy to operate. If your used to the overall feel and function of the Insets, these might be worth checking into as well

Thanks Jennifer, I will try those. I never thought about using different sets for different sites. I will have to try some various places. Right now I am mostly using my stomach but would like to try my arms.

The arms I have to use the straight sets 6mm (and thighs and flanks), - the Mio’s (insets), the Silhoutettes I use in my abdomen only (angeled sets) - but are manually inserted and may be better for your lack of tactile feel in the cocking mechanism (I use the shortest ones - the 13mm and insert manually at about 45 degree angles).

Thanks! I will check into those. I think I will call the trainer at the hospital here & see if she can send me some samples. She does training for different pump companies so should have them.

Thanks again Jennifer. I guess I will have to get some samples to try out and see what works best.

No problem. Samples are the way to find out - you will get a feel for what works best for you by trial and error. There are SO many sets out there to try, especially with leur lock connections that work with the Animas. This is a great reference for the differnt types of sets out there - There is also another good site chock full of info -

Thanks for the links, they will really help!

FYI, you really don’t need the spring loader inserter thing with the Quicksets. In fact, I think they make it much harder to insert than just doing in manually.

IMO, the Quicksets are really great. Easy to insert, super tough, and easy to remove as well.

Thanks Dep! It seems like everyone likes the Quicksets.

I tried to insert a Quickset manually but had issues with the adhesive sticking after my hands were all over it (holding the adhesive up in order to insert the set). Maybe I wasn;t doing it correctly. I tried once without taking the paper off first to conserve the adhesive power, but then felt like I was pulling it out as soon as I tried to get the adhesive paper off by lifting the edges up.

I hope this helps : I am a Medtronic pumper and use Sure-T’s …I think , that Animas has something similar/same !!!..they are a short needle( 6 mm ) , which stays in the bode till you change your infusion set ; you do not need an inserter . Medtronic also has longer needles ( 8 mm ) …the instructions are NOT to prime ( after tubing is filled ) ; I seem to need some priming …everyone may need individual amounts …it maybe worth asking Animas if these type of sets will work for you ( I do not know the Animas name )

Kelly, my son uses an Animas pump and I think what might work great for you are called Cleo’s, they are luer lock and they have the ease of a manual set, but gives you a the great handle and all you have to do is push it in.…

We used them for my son for a while and loved them, until he started reacting to the sites. I hope this helps :slight_smile: Good luck

Oh BTW quicksets will not work for an Animas pump, they have a different locking system,

They still make cleos? I swear they stopped…but then again I went off a tubed pump.

I used rapid D’s from disetronic. Easy 90 degree insert and the needle stays in. I don’t know if they still make those as it has been 2 and a half years since I have been on a tubed pump. I went to the omnipod and have no reason to go back. :smiley: Good luck! I’m sure you will find one that works great for you!

You don’t need to touch the adhesive.

Just remove the paper backing with the little tabs and stick the set on your skin the same way you would insert the needle if taking an injection. The adhesive will instantly stick to you - just pull out the blue plastic ‘cap’ that removes the introducer needle and you are good to go.

Cleo’s are still being made. Smith Medical stopped making pumps and got out of diabetes business, but there are still lots of pumps out there and supplies are still available and Smith Med says they’ll continue to be made, although by someone else maybe. I get mine from Liberty or Edgepark.

I’ve used pumps for almost 30 years and the Cleo is by far the easiest and most comfortable I’ve ever used, and I’ve probably tried them all. It comes in a self contained unit and you have to have a little hand strength to open the cap, about the same twist as opening a bottle, then just push the whole thing against your body and it has it’s own built in inserter and pops in the cannula, then just pull it away from your body and it leaves the cannula. You can clip the tubing on in a variety of rotation, which is convenient.