Comfortable angled sets

My son is using the inset 30s from Animas, and they are working a lot better for absorption than the straight sets, but they are uncomfortable for him. Are there some that are more comfortable for skinny little kids?


well, I am skinny-ish (6’, 165) and I have resorted to using the angled and straight sets from Animas in my butt cheeks, right below the waist band. I cannot use any part of my abdomen because it gets itchy and irritated. I have a bit more meat in my butt and it makes for painless application of the infusion sets. maybe try a different location?

It’s important to rotate though! I used only my butt for 4 years with the “Comfort” Infusionset. Now I have major scar tissue and can’t use my butt at all.

Perhaps try the infusion set with stainless steel catheter. It’s actually very thin and short and good for skinny people. The Minimed version is called Sure-T. The ones that work with Animas, I believe are called Contact Detatch. They are not angled, but many skinny people find them more comfortable.

If you call Animas, they may send you a sample of all the different infusion sets so that he can choose the one(s) that he likes best.

of course rotation is important. I just cannot have an infusion set in my abdomen any more. It was so uncomfortable, almost felt like a splinter. Not good

Thanks for all the replies! I’m going to try to get him to put it in his behind tonight–wish me luck! That’s a great idea and he definitely has more flesh there. I’m so worried about him running out of sites; he’s going to have to use the pump for a long time!

I hate the abdomen too! Have you tried upper thighs and lower back (“love handles”)? I like the upper, outer thighs with the infusion set point towards my feet.

Good rotation of site location is the key! I didn’t do it :frowning:

Some people even have different types of infusion sets that they use on different parts of their bodies.