Animas no longer delivers to Texas ?!

I had a WTF moment today when I realized I was down to my last infusion set and hadn't received the supplies I'd ordered more than two weeks ago from Animas. For four years, they've always delivered quickly.

I called them and asked what the holdup might be and they told me that they no longer deliver to Texas and had simply forgotten to tell me. They directed me to call CCS Medical.

Totally aside from being furious with them for accepting an order and not telling me that they could not fill it, I now find that I have to go through the intake procedure at a completely new company in order to get supplies ordered. And I have roughly three days before I have to change my current site. I'm positively livid.

Why would they not deliver orders to Texas anymore? This makes no sense to me.

I've read where another company won't deliver to Florida. Nd to not tell you could have a disastrous impact. Do you have a rep you can call?

I received my order last week and I live in Texas.

Well, grats, Nichole!

I tell you, this is so odd. I think I'll call them back during business hours tomorrow and see what they have to say.

Thanks -- Michael

That makes no sense to me at all! The last few times I have dealt with Animas have been a disaster though...

I went to the nurse practitioner at Dartmouth Hitchcock and both she and another colleague said they have no idea who their Animas Rep is. They have not met nor heard from anyone at Animas for a long time. Now Animas has finally been able to sell the VIBE and they are leaving money on the table here for pump sales. Medtronic is getting a lot of the business....they would anyway because of their size. But Animas is not even playing the game....

And my supply order was not the quantity I ordered it for....

Seeing as how NicholeW28 got her supplies, I went ahead and called Animas back. This rep says he has no idea why they would say that they don't deliver to Texas, and that they are just still waiting on insurance authorization.

So hopefully this was just a false alarm. Or maybe I got a short-timer rep who was just getting ready to clean out her desk.

Apologies, all.

All I can think of that it may be an insurance issue. Perhaps your healthcare plan used to deal direct with Animas and so you could order directly form Animas, Now your healthplan deals with a third party supplier and (of course) didn't notify you.

Whoa… What a shock that would be!
Glad you got things straightened out with the 2nd person.
Reminds me of an Alan Fund stunt. (pre-80’s lol)

Phew! I am so glad that you were able to get this straightened out! Thank goodness you called back and were persistent!

This is a total hijack, Alan Funt! My favorite Candid Camera thing was when they posted signs on the New Jersey that said "Due to lack of interest, New Jersey is Closed until further notice". People actually turned their cars around and went home!

I will say, apparently we no longer have a rep here in NM and that isnt so cool...


Did Animas or someone else get your supplies to you? I hope so, but your last status of "still waiting on insurance authorization" was less hopeful than it perhaps could have been.

Frankly, I'm not sure what I'd if I was in your situation. I guess that's why I still keep a box of syringes around as a "just in case" backup.


Many thanks, all!

This is my first frustrating experience with Animas in four years. Insurance confirms they sent authorization a week ago, but Animas claims that they haven’t gotten it, yet. I finally got both of them on the phone together, but no joy, yet. The Animas rep said the fax must be in the insurance verification office, but until they process it, he can’t help me. Grr.

I tracked down a colleague at work who had compatible infusion sets and borrowed a couple from him. I still have extra reservoirs. I’ll call them again tomorrow.

I’m still more than upset at the initial rep who said Animas no longer serviced Texas except through resellers. Two additional reps have told me they’ve no clue where that came from.

Cheers, all – Michael

I am going to get my Animas supplies from Byram next time. All they do is send the order to the doctor and they sign it. So much easier than my provider having to send something to Animas. I have had no problems with the either until the past year.

I finally have confirmation that Animas has shipped my supplies. The Byram experience sounds really nice in comparison.


-- Michael

Never heard of them. Does your insurance company have to allow you to use them? I assume so??? These problems are why I went to a MM pump in 2011, but I dont like the Revel and pulled my Ping back out of the box. I dont like that these issues continue, especially since I dont want any other pump on the market....

I went to a MM pump in 2011, but I don't like the Revel and pulled my Ping back out of the box.

I assume you are referring to the MiniMed Paradigm Revel 523/723. Since that's the pump I have been using for not quite 2 years now, I'm curious what your didn't like about the Revel & do like about the Ping? Just interested in hearing from a different perspective.

T1 LADA since ~1978, first pump Minimed 507 ~July(?) 1996
Minimed Paradigm 723 since Apr 2013. Added Medtronic's CGM Dec 2014

I have United Healthcare. For my Dexcom, I needed to get it from either EdgePark or Diabetes Specialty Center - which is now owned by Byram. I had a bad experience with Edgepark - so thought I would try DSC/Byrum. I can get my pup supplies directly from Animas too. Just not Dexcom...

I'm on a tiny tiny basal and I kept having no delivery alarms with my Revel, which meant I was getting really no insulin. I had two 500s in 2014, and that wasnt fun.
It could be an issue with that pump.
I do like the Animas screen better, and I really feel the connections are more secure.
I had no supply issues with Medtronic, however at the time I had 100 percent paid supplies so I didnt need to use billing.
We'll see how this goes. I hope Ping keeps working.

I’m so glad they got it worked out. I think animas has the worst customer service I have seen from any business but I love my pump so I just try to ignore there poor business skills.