Animas Ping and Calorie King Database

I just got my Ping and I would like to know if anyone could tell me how to get the databsae on my meter.I got my own database but not the Calorie King one.Help!

You can use the computer software to delete/add items in the database.

I know that but how do I get the database in it?I downloaded my own personal database to the meter that I created myself but not the one that is included in the software.

Hi Dee , have not seen you around for a while ...all OK ???

Can Animas/your pump contact direct you ???

I have no clue how to ...but you are ahead it appears by your message to me , by the time you get together with the Animas person ...only a few more sleeps :) . I don't even carry Calorie King book with me in my backpack ...I eat simple foods and questimate/eyeball .
Congrats on getting your Ping !