Another Famous Type 1 Gone

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Malik Tayor from A Tribe Called Quest passed away at 45 years old from “complications of diabetes”.

rest in peace Malik

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This disease is so cruel. You could see in past interviews he was constantly beating himself up for being “addicted to sugar”. He was from Trinidad and likely did not have the best care, but I can’t think of another disease other than lung cancer where its victims are so vilified for having it. Wishing his family and friends comfort and peace.

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I’m not positive he was type 1.

Yeah, I’ve been reading up on him and it seems half the time they say type 1 and half the time they say type 2. In the end he still died too young. :frowning:

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he grew up in queens, new york! yeah, i saw some quotes about how he admits being addicted to sugar. some said he was t1 others t2.

I guess he was frequently misreported as being Type 2 but was Type 1 supposedly. Can’t figure out if he was just born in Trinidad. I saw that he was quite short, about 5’3, which may have been a result of compromised kidneys to begin with (e.g. Gary Coleman, Dana Hill). Anyway, like you say he died way too young regardless of his type.

Phife was and still is one of my favorite rappers of all time. I listened to so much ATCQ growing up and still do. As a matter of fact, my boys love ATCQ and they like none of my old school music. Losing “The Funky Diabetic” is very sad. RIP Phife Dawg.