Another freaking leaking resevoir

So this was one of those Mondays…wasn’t supposed to be. Hubby has his normal pain management appt…and the nurse (been his nurse for 8 years) was intereseted to see my pump and CGMS…and WTF–BG is 200+…toshich she says–ain’t that a bit high?..We know her well…she was truly concerened…how embarrasing…by the time we went and got gas and the Rx and home BG 250+ leaking all the way through to the screw–clean the whole thing fill a new resevoir–wasting 100 untis of insulin (just put it in last night)…grrr

Seems THIS part–the O ring thing…would be freaking figured out by now. A year on the pump and I have had way more failures than I think should be normal…I just really hate the way a high wastes ya for days… leas tit does me…

ok…vent done for the moment…thanks for listening

So my replacement resevoirs—stillthough…sothey send 2–but do they really think this is ok…does the cost of an additional resevoir equate to the cost of the lost insulin? or all the aggravation that goes with a 200+ high? maybe I am just still angry…

Quickset–does that make a difference? I have only been onthe pump a year, beginging to think maybe I made a hasty decision going with the minimed? Do the other types of resevoirs (except the pod–too big for me) have the same kind of O ring problems?

I’ve been on the MM722 for over a month now and I have never had one leak yet

Do they need a different inserter (yes, I am a coward)

I’ve been on the minimed 515 paradigm for almost 4 yrs now and I’ve never had a failure like this. I did have a pump malfunction last yr, one of the buttons got stuck but they sent me a replacement in 24 hrs. Granted it probably got stuck because I wear it while teaching dance and yoga class. I probably knelt on it and jammed the button.